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Can cancerous ovarian cysts rupture?

I've had all the symptoms of ovarian cancer. End of April I had blood in my urine followed my back pain, flank pain, frequent urination & pelvic pain. No UTI. I eventually became so distended that I could not eat. My period was ten days late. I felt my pelvic floor shift down and family heaviness down there.

When my cycle did start it was extremely painful. My normal is always on time and no pain. I had an ultrasound done four days later and ovaries and kidneys are normal.

After that I had burning sensation in my pelvis that lasted two weeks. Like icy hot between my hip bones. My digestive system was a mess. I would get occasional sharp pains in my lower abdomen.

I went to ER for CT scan, which came back as normal. Presumably corpus luteum cyst and physiological fluid found and large amounts of stool. My ca125 is at 10.

My last two cycles have also been painful. I've had three TVUS and my ovaries are normal. I'm still having frequent urination, and a new symptom of heartburn.

My doctor's are only treating me for constipation. Ob says cancerous cysts don't rupture. Is that true for clear cell? What is causing all these lingering symptoms and sore pain just inside my hip bones?
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I just wanted to add that every day since that day in April I've had at least one symptom: back pain, bloat, pelvic pain.

I've had two CBCs and everything looks normal. Doctors are being dismissive but I've been asymptomatic and healthy for so long that a change to constant undiagnosed pain is distressing. 31 years old and mom to two young boys.
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