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Can cysts that rupture fluid stay on the ovary

28 F.I have a slight case of endometriosis.  I have had cysts on both side of my ovaries.  Two have ruptured leaking fluid. Docs said it would go away. After three years the same pain on my right side is felt during intercourse at times. Can this be the same cyst?  I have had a trans V ultrasound and numerous pelvic sonograms and no follow-ups from doctors.  Two months ago I have severe pain on my right side.  I figured it was a cyst rupturing.  Pain so bad but it resided after a few days. I decided to see the doc because two weeks ago after intercourse my back and whole lower half was in ER type pain but resided after breathing.  I had another pelvic sonogram and they found two cysts, right and left side. Can cysts that rupture be the same cysts that they found now?  If so, is this ovarian caner signs.  I have been on birth control for a year and a half and got off the pills a month ago.  I am wondering if over the last few years if the doctors missed doing further tests to see if this could be ovarian cancer. Pain is not constant, sometimes at intercourse or standing up to quickly after.  I do feel more bloated and heavy in the abdomen recently.  In two months they are to do another trans. Vag. ultrasound.   With my history of this should I be worried?
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