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Can period be delayed because of laparoscopy?

I had a laparoscopy/D&C almost 2 weeks ago on Friday, May 12.  My period was supposed to start the day after surgery and it is 11 days after that.  They did a pregnancy test the day of surgery and it was negative but I wasn't worried about that.  Can surgery delay your period?  They removed a little of endometriosis plus several cysts and some fibroids.  Just wondering if anyone knows.  Of course, I am 50 years old so maybe I am starting the change.  Thanks.
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Hi Reba, I had a lap and D & C done last Thursday - and oh I wish it stopped mine (62 Days and going strong) I have had surgery in the past where it has delayed my period so I would say this could be what is going on.  If you dont mind, can I ask you a question - Did you bleed at all after the D & C??  I would assume that you wouldnt as the lining has been removed and if this is the case, I sure wish my Doctor would return my calls.  Take care ~ Kerrie
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Mtgagirl - Thanks for the advice.  

Karie - I had very slight spotting for almost a week but it definitely wasn't a period.  The nurse said I might bleed after the surgery for 5 days or so.
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I had a laparotomy to remove a grapefruit size dermoid on March 9.  Before surgery, my last period was at the beginning of Feb and it lasted 2 weeks.  I was very nervous because I didn't have a period immediately follwing my surgery.  I was relieved when I started the last full week of April, but I had to make a gyn appt b/c my cramps were SO HORRIFIC and the flow was very heavy!!!!  Dr said this was normal since I haven't had a period in 2 months.  I just had another period, and it seems to be back to normal.  So, I'd give it at least a month.
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