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Can u give me more info I have a haemographic cyst on my left ovary

I have a haemographic cyst on my left ovary which showed up on ultrasound at 2.6 cm its so painful in my back and near my ovary. I'm on pain meds but the pain makes me nauseous dizzy and I have makes my IBS worse. What can be done as I hate living with this pain .
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That sounds like a lot of pain for such a small cyst but then size doesn't always correlate with pain level. Since it's hemorrhagic, it should go away on its own. Hope that happens soon!
Thankyou for responding. Yes the bloating and pain are probably the worst. I've had colon cancer so I'm probably more paranoid about ovarian cancer. I see my gyn next week but I've had this pain for three months now and the internal ultrasound was very painful which showed the cyst. I just need to get through a few more days so I can eventually get answers
I'm sorry you've had colon cancer. :( Could it be an intestinal problem? Are you having "normal" bowel movements?
I have IBS as well. And my bowel movements are varied but just the pain in my back and near my ovary is so bad I need heat packs. I've always had painful period so I have even thought of endometrosis
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