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Cancer Treatment Center of America

Hi Cysters!
Well, here I am at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, IL. It's my 2nd day here. Yesterday, I had a pelvic exam, EKG, lots of bloodwork, met my gyn/onc (she's a breast cancer survivor)and generally got settled in. This place is absolutely awesome. There is so much hope here!!! Today they did a scan of my heart to check it's strength and I will also have a head to toe CT scan to check for mets. I will go to a class on Quality of Life and meet the naturopathic dr. Tomorrow I will meet with the other depts: nutrition, mind/body medicine, aftercare, pastoral care, pain management, then I will meet back with my gyn/onc to get the test results and go over the treatment plan. There are people here from all over the states and everyone is so nice. It's cold here (about 15 fahrenheit) and about 8" of snow on the ground and so beautiful. I saw Lake Michigan yesterday. Keep me in your prayers as I will keep you all in mine. I'm off to the Quality of Life class, will check in later tonight.

Rebel Spirit aka Susan
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I'm glad they are taking good care of you.  I hear that they are a top notch facility.  You've been in my thoughts and prayers.

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Wonderful!  I was thinking about you on Tuesday hoping you would post when you arrived and had a chance to check things out.  I only talked with them briefly, but was impressed with the level and variety of care they offer.  I am so happy you feel good about being there.  Please do continue to let us know how things are going.  Knock on wood I don't recur, but if I do, CTCA would be a definite choice for me.

Gail :)
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Welcome to Illinois!  I'm in Rockford, about 90 miles from Chicago. Yes, we got that snow all in one day and since it's been sunny and gorgeous. Rockford got 12"!

I saw an ad for the Cancer Treatment Center and thought of you today.  I'm so glad you are under such positive and welcoming care.

Take care,
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You're a real trooper and traveler. I'm sure they'll take good care of you! You know I remember a study that was out awhile ago saying that people who are willing to travel for better healthcare fare better!  I travel into NYC for my care with my neurosurgeon. It's a ways but not as far as you travelled. Just this spring I was going to go to Anderson but didn't cause I still have a lot of options and am happy with my health team locally.

Please do keep us up to date on your care at Cancer Treatment Center of America.

Wishing you all the best--A recurrence is so so very hard on all of us.


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Hey Spirit!
     I remember who you picked that name for and now I know where she got it!  It has been such a long road yet, it feels like you are at the start of a new, brighter trail.  Keep in touch when you can Susan, the Battalion is with you! Mary V
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Sounds like they got you covered hun.  Good Luck as always. Be sure and keep us close to what you are learning.
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I'm so glad you are doing this.  How does it work?  Do you stay there or stay in a hotel and then go everyday for tests or whatever?  How did you get accepted?  Does insurance pay?

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That's wonderful, I am so happy you are there and they are taking such good care of you!
Love and prayers from
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The Center sounds awesome and an holistic approach is such a good way to go.

I wish you all the best in your treatment and it sounds like you are in the right place.
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Susan,  I recall some of your early posts on this forum.  I am sorry your original treatment did not hold off further growth  for a longer time, but I see that you have now found true partners to aid you  in your quest for better health.   I have no professional experience with these particular cancer centers, but I do know others who rate them most highly.  It is the comprehensive approach to the care that seems to be of such great benefit to the patient.  Stay strong. I'll be praying for you.
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