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Carbo reaction


I have posted several times before about my mum.
She started carbo and taxol again and after 2 sessions her CA125 has gone from 170 to 53. She had her third session today and the taxol was fine, but 20 mins into the carbo she went to the loo and nearly passed out and her face was red. She had no increase in BP and was breathing fine.
Her Dr thinks it might be a reaction so said to stop the carbo. She thinks it might be because over the past 5 yrs she has had 3 lots of this chemo.
Do you have any ideas on this? I have researched on the net and it does say slowing the infusion down can help?!

We were so pleased her CA125 had dropped alot but now feel really deflated.

Thanks once again
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Hi There,
Yur mother needs to see an allergist who is familiar with the desensitization protocol used for this.

it requires alot of premedication with antihistamine followed by an inpatient treatment at a slow rate over between 8 to 12 hours. here is one reference
best wishes

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I had a reaction to carbo during my first course of treatment (not til round 6).  After recurrence, we tried cisplatin and again, at round 6 a similar reaction.  Now, becaue the platinum drugs worked so well, we are doing a desensitization protocol, which involves, in my case, 1/1000 dose over an hour (so far no reaction there); 1/100 dose over an hour (2 times now I've reacted), then 1/10 over an hour (again some reactions); then full strength over an hour.  I know that there are difference protocols for densensitization (some 8 hr - some 24 hr), you might check with your Mom's doc to see if she thinks it might be a possibility, if she could tolerate it.  I now have my treatments in the hospital - just in case of a severe reaction. CA 125 almost in half (after 3 treatments) - CT next week to see the pictures!  Round 4 scheduled following that.  I wish you and your Mom well - might help to know ... I am 6 years from initial diagnosis - Still fighting!
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I left a comment for you on the community support forum. My story is similar to jolene's. I am almost 5 years from initial diagnosis and also go through a densitization protocol. If you like, you can read the details on my response I posted to you on the community forum. Please let us know what you do. We are pulling for you!

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