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Carcinoma Sarcoma?/OVCA on GMA

A friend of mine just found out that his mil has ovarian cancer. He is somewhat confused and I told him that I would post on here and see if I can find any other info for him.  But all I basically know is that she had two tumors, one outside the ovary and one apparently inside. The one inside is a rare form? a Carcinoma Sarcoma? She flew yesterday to MD Anderson in Houston and all he said this morning was that they found something else in her abdomen. He was upset so we didn't talk about it. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Also, did anyone see Kelly Ripa talking about ovarian cancer on GMA this morning?  She didn't talk long, not long enough if you ask me but they did have a doctor on there describing the warning symptoms and telling every woman to be checked if you have those symptoms.  Not to let the doctor tell you it is just normal woman things, like we have heard so much of that happening on here.

Thanks for any help,
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I wish I had information to share regarding this woman's cancer.  I am going to MDAnderson in September for my second opinion.  My sister-in-law who is an oncology nurse at Siteman in St. Louis has high praise for the oncology staff at Anderson.  I will add her to my list of people I pray for and send energy to....
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Thank you Maggie. Her name is Marilyn.  I will keep you in my prayers also. Let us know how you do at MD Anderson. Best wishes, Colleen
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