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Chance of having Ovarian Cancer?

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had Bilateral Modified Radical Mastectomy just about 30 days ago. I am 28 year old. I just had genetic test done about a week ago. What's the possibility of me having ovarian cancer if my test comes out negative? My grandfather had colorectal cancer and died when he was around 52 year old. My mother had breast cancer but died of myocardial infarction when she was 47. My maternal grandmother died of breast cancer. Did anyone had Ovarian cancer with negative result from BRCA test? If your BRCA test came out positive then what was your symptom when you were first diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer? Thank you!
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If you do not have BRCA you have a 1.4% chance of ovarian cancer in your life time. The statistic is lower  than 1% because of your age.

I am the only one on the forum and I have BRCA 1. The only way to tell if you have a possibility of ovarian cancer is a transvaginal ultra sound. You do not have symptoms until you are stage 3-4.

With BRCA you have a 40% of ovarian and a 90% of Breast Cancer. The breast cancer is usually triple negative breast cancer. I am not sure if that is because most women develop the breast cancer after you have had all your organs removed and you no longer have much estrogen. If you do not have triple negative breast cancer perhaps it means you do not have the BRCA mutation. I had an aunt and grandmother who died in their 50's of ovarian and my brother and father got severe prostate cancer in their 50's as well. BRCA is usaually around the 50's.

I had ovarian cancer for years my doctors just missed it. Unfortunately my Primary Care doctor made some mistakes. First off I had cysts on both ovaries.It is rare to have ovarian cancer in both ovaries but I did. She decided it was Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. She did not tell me about the cysts, She thought they would go away and did not want to worry me. Then she got pregnant and quit doing ultrasounds on me and keeping up with my health in general. I was also seeing a Gyn. The Gyn had a CT Scan done and it showed nothing so she thought I was fine. In the mean time I threw up for two years and lost weight.I would carry a bucket with me even to doctor's appointments because I was that sick. Both doctors thought I needed to lose weight so were not concerned. I was also having unexplained diaphragm spasms. They were really bad. They sent me to a heart specialist. I was also having lower left abdominal pain. They took my gallbladder out and nothing got better. I ended up in the ER I was throwing up so bad I thought I was dying. The ER doctor wanted me to have further tests but the University Hospital would not approve it. I then went to a gastro 4 months later. He did not tests and said I had IBS. I had no diarrhea. 4 Months later the GYN tried to do an endometrial biopsy and could not get her tools in. I thought I would die from the pain days later. I went to my primary's partner because my doctor had had her baby. I wished I had known she was pregnant and not on her game. I would have gone to her partner. The partner did an ultrasound. I was totally filled with cancer. Unfortunately it was stage 4.

They did the BRCA test after I had cancer. My insurance would not pay for it until I had ovarian cancer. I had diaphragm spasms because I had cancer in the diaphragm. I retrospect I was classic for ovarian cancer. I was anorexic, big belly even while underweight, diaphragm spasms, throwing up because my bowels were blocked. At the end nothing would get through. Oh and two years straight of a period no breaks. The as soon as period stopped vomiting began. So maybe four years. I was even going to a pain clinic.

At least the doctors apologized. I was very happy with that. It is rare these days for a doctor to say they screwed up.

They told me I will get breast cancer. I went to check at first. Then I decided I did not want to know. The oncologist wanted me to have mastectomies. I decided since my ovarian cancer is fatal not to put myself through that. It was the right call for me. I did almost four years of chemo. Now I am enjoying my life.

If they catch ovarian early it is a different thing. Many women go decades these days. I am rare with a five years life expectancy. The truth is no doctor can say for sure. I am at the four year mark of diagnosis and am told I have months.

If you are not BRCA then you are probably just dealing with the breast "Well not just breast". Well that is a lot in itself. If it is not triple negative that is very good. I could not have handled Multiple Sclerosis, stage 4 ovarian cancer, and triple negative breast cancer I would have freaked. I freaked enough.

With out the BRCA breast and ovarian are less likely to be linked. Lets hope the BRCA is negative


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