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Chemo = tired and sick Deandra

Hello everyone. I wanted to post a quick message to let you all know I am fine, I'm just dealing with the horrible side effects of IP chemo. I am so accustomed to answering questions and posting messages on medhelp every night, that I felt like I needed to let everyone know I am still trucking along. IP chemo is harsh, and it has taken everything out of me trying to stay awake for more than 2 hours at a time. Nevertheless, I am thinking about all you lovely friends and praying for you as well. Especially Becky (Tybear) - keep your head up, you have many people praying for you. I will be back and posting my normal routine in a few days when I can see straight and not take 3 hours to type one paragraph...CHEMO BRAIN!!! With love, Deandra
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You are such a trooper, even after chemo, you still check in with us.. I understand how you are feeling.,..I use to schedule my week (of chemo) so that I did not have to think of too much or do too much as I knew from the first time that my mind would be moving a snailpace...At least you have weekend to just do nothing and regain your strength!!
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Hi Deandra.... that IP chemo is very harsh, as a friend of mine has had it too. Get plenty of rest... and drink lots of fluid (water). We look forward to seeing you here again when you feel up to it. Have a restful weekend....hugs...Helen...
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Pls take care! Drink lots of fluid and you would be up and running very soon!
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Love ya kiddo.  Rest.  I am sorry you are so sick, but you are kicking OVCA's butt!!!!!  I think of you saying that everytime i throw up and it helps.  Thanks
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Thinking of you..and hoping and praying that you will be feeling better soon. You are a true inspiration to all who are fighting this horrific disease. Just keep thinking of all the positiveness that will come of this! Gia :)
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Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and praying that you will feel better!!!! Get some rest!! You are so strong and I know you will beat this...talk to you in a few days. xo Hillary
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I'm sorry you aren't feeling well.  Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.  I hope you feel better soon and can continue to kick OVCA's butt!  You are such an inspiration to everyone and are so thoughtful to check in on everyone here even when you are feeling so bad.  I hope you get lots of rest and feel much better soon!

P.S.  Your letter to 2007 made me cry....you are such a beautiful person!
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I pray that you will be feeling much better soon and hope to see you on the forum.  YOU can beat this - get some rest, sleep, sleep, sleep - you must need it - Take care,
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Take care of yourself, getting through these treatments without complications is always our goal, so do what your body wants.  Post when you are up to it, let us know how you are doing.  Hugs  Marie
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You are in my daily thoughts and prayers, and I hope you start feeling better soon. Get as much rest and water as you possibly can!!  
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Hey Deandra   Wow, you are a trooper! IP chemo...not so sure I could handle that. God bless you for doing it! I'm so sorry to hear you aren't feeling well...I think of you often too, and will say a prayer to the nausea fairy that she brings you some relief soon!!
Take care and rest...
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Just wanted you to know that you're in my thoughts and prayers! Sorry you aren't feeling too well.....Get lots of rest and have sweet dreams! You are kicking OVCA's butt!

Take care,

Glenda :)
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Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you. Sorry you are so sick, I have heard thqt IP treatment can be like that. Please take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. We wil look forward to when you get back. Love, Chris
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Just a little note to both of you, have you tried a cup of ginger tea along with your fluids,  this really helped Leslee with her nausea and we served this tea to our pregnant mothers for Morning sickness for years with good results. Drink it with a a couple of soda crakers.  Celestrial Seasons puts out a good ginger tea.  My heart goes out to both of you and certainly hope this phase passes quickly for you.   Love ya  Marty
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You hang in there and take as much time as you need to get back here posting.  In the meantime we'll all tag team to God with our prayers that He will help that nausea calm down and you will regain your strength.  Relax and sleep; it's your body's way of telling you that you need it.  Love  Judie:)
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Keep up the fight. You are such an inspiration. Praying for you! Get plenty of rest, we all understand.
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I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well and are having to go through this.   I pray this weekend brings you renewed strength and rest.  You are missed on the board - thanks for letting us know how you are doing!!!  

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Wow, you all are amazing, truly. I can't say enough how much it helps to log onto medhelp and see all the well wishes and prayers. Just knowing that many women are experiencing the same as I is enough for me to keep pushing along. I am praying for each one of you as well - praying side effects will be minimal, praying for your families, praying for happiness for each of you and praying there is a cure on the horizon.
Thank you for all the messages of support, and I'll be back posting my usual by the end of the weekend. With love, Deandra
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You are such a lovely person and look out for everyone but now is time to look after you. I hope you start feeling better soon.

Every Good Wish to you

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Thinking of you this morning with hopeful good wishes... Ronni
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Hey you! Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for yo ... I hope that you are feeling better soon :) Keep us informed on how you are feeling :)


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I believe this is your last one?  I pray mine go as well and quickly as yours.  I just had round 3 yesterday and will be on the couch today and tomorrow as well.  Hopefully you have kicked it out and will be on the upswing for years to come!
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