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Chemo broken off--Vitamin C therapy?

Well, chemo is off--after 3 infections after each infusion that required antibiotics (which may have led to the tumor int the first place as Mom had an abundance of chemicals added to her body fluids last year before the reoccurrence) we were told we had to stop.

Now looking into Vitamin C IV therapy. Most of you probably heard of the recent study involving OVC and V C injections into tumors. IV therapy seems to have gone on for some time. Has anyone done it? Hopw do you order the infusions of your clinic or MD is not doing  it? What are the other alternatives if you can't handle chemo?

Just on the curious side, in your clinic, are staff allowed to be on duty if they have runny noses? We were told if they would stay home while they had minor colds nobody would ever be at the clinic. I wondered where mom catches those colds and infections that led to her high fever each time because I don't come stay with her if I have one, and I usually wear a mask if I prepare food for her. :(
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i did some vit c right after treatmen but with it not covered by ins.  had to stop
CAM doctors give such infusions.  If you look it up on the internet under CAM doctors you can find one in your area.  My guy was an md that felt traditional medicine wasn't working

hope that helps
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This was actually the plan for my mom after she left the hospital the last time, but she passed away a few hours afterwards so we never got to do it.  So, no idea how effective.  The goal was less on defating the cancer than boosting the immune system (etc).  

Basically a few pointers:  Insurance will almost never pay for it, you have to find a place that deals with it medically (most will do it for 'wellness' purposes only as a side business) if possible, it's not cheap (I believe like over $100 per infusion).

Saying all that, there is research showing it's use in cancer treatment, however there is also conflicting research/evidence against it.  It's all up in the air.  As you may have read, the body can only absord so much VC orally, so IVC can deliver higher dosage.

If you are off chemo now, this may be an alternative for you if they aren't going to do anything else.  Have you discussed it w/your physician?  I can't remember the URL but there used to be just a few that were recommended for this...for instance me and mom would have had to travel a few hours to southern california to go to one of the recommended clinics.

Oh, and to your other question, physicians are like any other business owner...they don't want to pay for their employees medical insurance so of course their sick employees have to come in.  Or they are so short handed (i.e. too cheap to higher enough staff) that sick employees have to come to work.  Great huh?
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Have your doctor contact  Patricia Jobst at
BIO-Communications Research Institute
3100 North Hillside Avenue
Wichita, KS 67218 usa
phone: 316 682 3100
OR email: ***@****
They send my doctor a protocol for administering high dose of Vit C (sodium ascorbate) by IV. I am doing this for 18 months  and have results.
There is so much to say about the Vit C treatment that I would rather hear from you sending me PM message and than I can spend  time to write you exactly what I do and why.
I strongly believe in Vit C treatment due to my situation abd what is doing to me.
I have  aquality life and that helps me to deal with my cancer.
People who are doing VIT C IV's are the ones who know exactly what's involved , and they can share first line information.reading about it and than dscussing it is not enough..
Hope this helps, Sunes.
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Thank you, you three, for your comments! Conquerer, i found one thank you for the info. Sunes this was very, very  helpful. Alan, I am very sorry your mother passed away.
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