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Children need to know the time frame

My mom was recently diagnosed with Stage IV ovaian cancer.  She is unbelievable---she is 84 years old this May and has opted for no treatment other then pain control.  She is home with nurses and family attending her care.  The cancer has spread to her lungs, stomach and colon.  We know the ulitmate outcome and she is not afraid of death.  

What time can we expect her be with us?   1-2 months?

My sisters and brother need to be prepared?

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Nobody knows, of course, what the time frame is, but a few months sounds very reasonable.
So sorry to hear about this.  Glad her pain is under control.
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god bless your family and mother my granmother had her kidney taken at 85yrs to cancer that was last easter she still with us this easter hope u have a peacefull easter
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