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Colonoscopy scheduled for 6/14

Scared to death, but have to do it.  Also scared not to do it!
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Hey there girl....why are you afraid of a colonoscopy?  Tell you what...I was told two months ago to get one done by my gyn.....haven't done it yet....haven't even called to schedule it.....I don't want to get it done either....but...if you will...I will....we can schedule it and discuss it together....oohhh...hmmmm......maybe not....hmmm...well.....I know I should but nobody can make me....hmmmm.....what do you say?  Do it together...naaaa.....I don't want to.....maybe we should....hmmm.....you let me know...
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Hi guys, I am going to schedule one too! In fact I had one scheduled and then had to cancel and take care of an unexpected breast lump. That turned out to be a cyst, thankfully and I just haven't rescheduled yet. I need to mentally geer up for the "test mode" again. ugh.

Looks like we are all in the same dang boat.

Linda J
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Dian, get urself there and get it done ASAP. You know better than that. If u were my mom, I would have scheduled that appointment for you and would take you myself. Thuney, get it done and over with. I have never had one, but have assisted dr doing it. It is not exactly paradise, but it isnt h.... either. Take care ladies. Erika
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I to was that scared to have a colonoscopy the Doc's had wanted me to go for on 4 years ago i never rang i just kept putting it off.
Then in April this year I went for one i have to say that the Colonscopy itself is a breeze cause you are alseep.
Its the days leading up to it and that stuff you have to drink is the hardest but i did it and I'm so glad that i did because i now know there is notihng wrong with me.
Its better to know whats going on with you then not to know at all My DH said to me after i had it done that it was such a big weight of him knowing that there was nothing bad going on there with me.
So come on pick up the phone and make the date with Colonoscopy Doctor.
Take care Mid From OZ
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I hope you're not afraid of the test... the drugs are great! And you'll feel fine afterward. I had a colooscopy a couple months ago. The only bad part is the prep: clear food only (jello, broth, etc.) 2 days before and then NOTHING, not even water on the day of. Also, the industrial-strength laxative two days before. Think of orange or cherry flavoring strong enough to mask 1/4 cup of salt mixed into 1 cup of water. Whew!!

You've probably seen articles on colon cleansing. Let me tell you, the bowel prep is quite enough. I consider my spring housekeeping to be DONE! lol!

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I posted on the last thread about this subject a couple of weeks ago.  I had one back in March, and it really wasn't that bad.  In fact, the sleepy meds were kind of nice!  The "clean-out" is the worst part, but most of us have done that before for surgery, so that part is nothing new.  I have faith you all can do it.  And let's face it....after all this other stuff we've had done, that's the ONLY part of bodies untouched.  Might as well bat 1000 and finish it off!!

Gail :)
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You guys need to quit reading other people's mail....that is illegal you know!
I will get it done....you guys know I will ...
Peace and goodnight kids....behave yourselves and don't do anything you wouldn't do if I was right there with you!
Peace, girls.
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Like winemaker said the only bad part is the prep. The drink isn't tasty and you need to stay close to a bathroom but all in all not bad and you don't feel anything. You won't be able to tell anything was done and I had polyps removed. Better to get it over with so they can look for the real problem. They tend to often blame IBS for any abdominal pain!!! I was told I probably had diverticulitis but the colonoscopy ruled that out!!
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I had my first colonoscopy at age 50.  When all my odd issues came up in April, my internist insisted that I have another.  I am 53.5.  I am perfectly pink in that department.  I have a great GI guy and other than the prep, the procedure is no big deal.  The meds give you a lovely sleep and there was no discomfort for me.

The first time I went, I had them all laughing because when the nurse said, "OK, now just lie on your left side."  I looked at her very puzzled.  "On my side?"  Then I explained that I had thought you had to be in some kind of medieval torture devise like reverse stirrups with your hiney in the air!!  The doc and the anesthesiologist and the nurse about fell over from laughter!!  I said, "You people need to get the word out!!! You would have more customers if they knew they did not have to have the hiney up in the air!!"
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Listen you wonderful ladies, you know that the only way to detect colon cancer is to have a colonoscopy done.  I am sure you are all fine, as this is common practice as you get older.  If your doctors ordered it, it was for a reason.  You have got to take care of yourselves.  We would be so lost without all of you.  We love you girls!!  GET IT DONE!! kasie
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