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Complex Cyst and Swollen Lymph Nodes

Hello, My name is Michele and I am a 35 year old female suffering from fibroids and cysts. I recently started on the Depo-prevera birth control for the reason of minimizing my risks of my body creating more cysts. I have since realized that maybe taking this shot was not the best things for my physical being. In February I had an HSV-2 outbreak that I had not had in "literally" 15 years. That immediately was a concern...although I was very stressed during that time and exhausted. Since then I have seen my "General Well being" taking  a turn for the worst. Now, I just went to the ER because I have been having reoccuring UTI's and now while on Antiobiotics to remedy the bacterial infection I have gained swollen lymph nodes (neck area) and a Yeast Infection it appears. When I went to the doctor they did an ultrasound of my Stomach, Gallbladder, Appendix and Liver and found nothing of concern. At the time I didn't have the EXTREME sharp stabbing and also dull aching pain in my ovaries. I do have (1) complex cyst that I am aware of and going up for a f/u being that my overall well being has been bad and getting worse. I also suffer from IBS and Gastritis...and what could very well be CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) but I don't want to "self diagnose". Just seems like my energy has been totally depleted. I did go to the gym and immediately after I ate quickly a medium size health meal but felt naseau and almost fainted because I got very pale and my blood pressure went down so quickly it felt like. I am totally bewildered by this autoimmune attack on my body! I am now finishing off my antiobiotic cycle and also bought Probiotics. I can still function but a a low level and with naps inbetween. I also have Hypothyroidism although my TSH levels are within range for the dosage of medication I am taking. Their is no history of Ovarian Cancer in my family but me having HSV-2 and a "moderately complex" cyst with internal echos and everything I am explaining to you here with my immune system so depleted is concerning me. I did do a blood test and everything was perfect. Naturally, I don't want to be a negative but I also have a history of a low grade malignant fibrosarcoma of the right femur. Although it was locally aggressive and low grade...I still have a  history and my father passed away at age 75 from pancreatic cancer and a few of his brothers and sisters as well. Okay, now you know my whole his history. Any suggestions? The last time I checked out my cyst it was in 12/2007 and a pap smear and it seemed everything was A OK outside of the complex cyst that they were monitoring...I have to go back in 2 weeks for a f/u transvaginal/pelvic ultrasound. Naturally, I am worried like anyone would be...any suggestions? Any feedback in reference to my question would "greatly" appreciated!

Many Blessings,
Michele from Miami
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Find out from your gynecologist what the complex cyst looks like on ultrasound.
Does it have vascularization and septae?  If you find the right gyn doctor you can have the thing removed!  Who wants to keep going for follow ups?  My complex cyst was 2 cm, and it looked weird enough that the gyn took the ovary out.  Do not hesitate to demand what you want concerning your medical care.  This is your life, your health.

Love to you
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Hi ,
Im sorry but I don,t know what question you are asking , can you be more specific   please ? it sounds like you are suffering with a lot of unpleasant symptoms and should definately follow up until you find the cause , cysts can cause a lot of symptoms so i would make sure that that is monitored frequently . Any pain in the body is not normal and you know your own body better than anyone so keep going back to the doctor until you get the answers.
    Best wishes Angie
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