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Complex Cyst with Blood Flow linked to Ovarian Cancer?

I had one simple cyst on my right ovary that was discovered in August of 2016, but was told it was fluid filled and a follow up ultrasound would be done in November. I had that ultrasound and nothing came of it - not grown and still fluid filled. Due to my mother passing away from Ovarian cancer I do get pelvic ultrasounds every year. I just had my ultrasound (pelvic, intravaginal) on the 17th of July and my Doctor called this morning to tell me I have two complex cysts on my right ovary with blood flow and 2 simple ones on my left without blood flow. The complex cysts are 2.4cm and 2.1cm.  I am 47, and I have a 5 year old daughter and I am beside myself right now. I think with my family history of ovarian cancer (my mom died at 78) and with the complex cysts that have blood flow my mind is automatically jumping to ovarian cancer. I am very scared. My Doctor has called in a requisition for an MRI, and I am waiting to get a call back to find out when - but was told it could take 2 weeks or a month depending. I know there are many women that have had this particular diagnosis and my question is how directly linked are complex cysts (that are blood filled) to ovarian cancer? I just don't know how to stop worrying and this is our summer holiday. I feel absolutely petrified and reading the stats of ovarian cancer plus seeing how it devoured my mother, I am must paralyzed right now. Any words of wisdom, advice would be so appreciated at this time. Thank you.
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I do not believe these are related to ovarian cancer but do talk to your doctor (which I'm sure you have).  This sounds like an endometrial cyst.  
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