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Complex Ovarian mass found...help!

I am 35 and new to this site. Hello.
I have an this ovarian cyst on my right ovary since 1991 when it was first found...but they didn't say it was complex. I was just told it was an ovarian cyst and not to worry. I had a vaginal ultrasound in 2003 by a different OBGYN and nothing was said to me explaining it was suspicious. I had to ask for the ultrasound because I was worried about ovarian cancer. The doctor never called me about it so I assumed it was ok.
I had another vaginal ultrasound a couple weeks ago because I wanted to check on my cyst. My doctor, an internist, told me yesterday (Friday) I have a complex ovarian mass/tumor that is 3.6cm. She said the stuff inside looks like a cluster amd they can't tell if it is benign or malignant. I have been referred to an OBGYN for a second opinion.

I don't have a lot of pain from my ovary but since I was told I have this unfortunate cyst, it has been aching. I do have extremely heavy periods with lots of rubbery clot things...whatever they are. I am not on birth control and haven't been for 3 years. I have indigestion (acid reflux) and some gas and bloating.

When I had the ultrasound done this last time, I was about to start my period. Could that be why the results are showing complex???

Why haven't the other doctors been more aggressive and just shrugged off the results?? Why now??

I am scared because I have had thyroid cancer and thought I had breast cancer but that turned out to be fibroids.

I fear I may have ovarian cancer and I know someone who died from it....it really scares me. Any help or info? Thanks
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I have also had thyroid cancer, breast fibroids and now just lost both ovaries to complex cysts and endometriosis.  Well hopefully that is what it is - that is what the doc said but the path should come back Monday.  I can try to answer any questions you have but this forum is great and will help you a ton.  Tascha will tell you that 99% of all ovarian cysts are benign and that is very very reasurring at the stage you are at!
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OK, the "rubbery clot things" -- a definite sign of endometriosis. The clotting is due to excess estrogen production.  The clotting can sometimes be attributed to fibroids, but most often it is due to endo problems.   Given this fact, along with your age, it is quite possible that you have an endometrioma on your ovary.

Unfortunately, the symptoms of benign ovarian conditions are the SAME as the symptoms of malignant ovarian conditions. So, as you have probably realized by reading posts on this site, the only way to determine if the mass is benign or malignant is to endure surgery.  

Just so you know, I too had a large complex cyst with solid components and thick septations, and at surgery it was found to be a benign endometrioma.  

As for the cyst over that long time period...were they reporting on the one, same cyst, or were you simply developing normal cysts each cycle as your ovary should?
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Hi there - just thought I'd drop a line - no doubt Gatsby will be along to tell you that 99% of cysts are benign.  She's super great at telling us all that - and she's absolutely right - the reinforcement helps.  From past experience the rubbery clot thing certainly sounds like endo - I had the same thing about 14 years ago and had  hysterectomy.  Just had my complex cyt removed on Thursday - I'm still doing the happy dance.  You're new to this site, but you'll find out real quick that we're all here to support one another and we say many prayers.  Will add you to my prayer list tonight.  Spice
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I evidently have had cysts for years.One of my ovaries had scarring from previous cysts.  These cysts are crazy things.  You can get some really good advice here and our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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Welcome to our forum!
We are here for you! It is extremely doubtful that the cyst they saw 15 years ago is the same one they are looking at today. Simple, fluid filled cysts are fairly common and usually resolve on their own. If the cyst had been malignant, the spread of the disease would be extensive and far past any symptoms you now have. Also, malignant tumors usually have a rapid growth rate, so a cyst from 15 years ago that was malignant would probably outweigh you at this point! :). You have probably had several cysts throughout the years, and now you have a new complex one. Either that, or it is a slow growing benign cyst of some type. It was smart of you to ask for the ultrasound, and now you can get some needed answers from your ob/gyn. Hang in there and we'll hang right along with you. You're right, ovarian cancer IS scary, but fortunately, the statistics are on your(our) side.
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Thank you all for the kind welcome and good comments.

I don't know if the cyst was the same 15 years ago...but it was on the same ovary....always on the right. Over the years I have been aware of the cyst and was always concerned. Monday I will see the copy of my medical records from the last obgyn and a current copy from my new doc. Also, I will see who my new obgyn is.

Endometriosis...I figured as much with the rubbery looking tissue that I see during menstruation. Some months it is worse than others. Will birth control pills help the endometriosis??

I have spotting between periods, usually during ovulation. If I exercise heavily, I spot a few small clots. When I do spot, I usually see the brown blood then the red. I don't have to wear pads during this time...yet. My menstrual cycle is normal and I know when it will start. Don't cysts make the cycle sporadic? Do cysts cause spotting, too? My current gen. doc. doesn't seem to think so. Could it be hormonal fluctuations? My pap was normal so that rules out cervical cancer...I hope.

I pray this is benign.

Thank you for the help.
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