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Complex cyst with thick walls

I am 45 and have been having severe pain for past 4 days (have to take 600mg advil every 4 hours). Had US yesterday and they said I have complex cyst on left ovary with thick wall and internal echoes. Size is 5.5, 3.9, 4.7. Funny thing I had a partial hysterectomy 1/5/2009 and they left my ovaries. I've been having extremely back pain for past 6 months and frequency in urination, but only small amounts at a time. I am up at least twice in night to use the bathroom. Now this pain in my side and bottom of my stomach is unreal. As soon as the advil starts wearing off, I start feeling these very gripping sharp pains. It takes an hour for the advil to even work and I'm basically rolling on the floor until then. The doctor wants to wait 4 weeks to re-test, gave me pain meds, and I guess I'm just in a holding, painful pattern. I've heard all these horror stories of leaving ovaries...said my cyst was complex due to this wall and echoes, but is fluid filled. Should I be pressing the doctor to at least take the CA125 test now? She told me it gives alot of false positives so she wants to wait.

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