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Complex ovarian cyst removed? It has doubled in size in 4.5 yrs.

2010-present   I have had severe pain near my ovary area, primarily on my right side.

Nov. 2011   I had my tubes tied. Doctor notes state no endometriosis.

Feb. 2013   Transvaginal US reports: The myometrium appears diffuse with multiple myometrial cyst suggestive of adenomyosis. Endometrial cavity appears hyperechoic. There is a left ovarian cyst appears complex cystic. Complex cystic measuring 1.5x1.6x1.6cm. Increased vascular flow is noted at the periphery.

June 2013   Partial hysterectomy where my uterus only was removed. Several months of daily bleeding and pain prior. Endometriosis was suspected prior, but doctor's notes say there was no endometriosis.

April 2017    A complex 3 cm left ovarian cyst is probably physiological, but may be the cause for pain. Given the complexity, a follow-up with pelvic ultrasound is recommended in 6 weeks.

Aug 2017    Pelvic ultrasound revealed 3.2cm complex cyst on left ovary.

Should I have had the cyst removed in 2013? Is it worse now because it's been several years?

Thank you,
I'm 43 years old
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Well, that's always a big question.  Surgery is invasive and some cysts do hang out and not cause significant issues.  This one has been causing you to have discomfort?  I think it was a good guess back in 2013.  In the long run, are they saying it would be a more complex procedure now that it is larger?  And it is a shame if you had to suffer longer than needed.  Are you going to the same doctor or a new one?
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