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Concern Over Ovarian Cancer Need Advice

Hi ladies, I just have a question I need to ask.  For the last month I have been having pain in my right and left
pelvic area and have sometimes a very bad backache.  My regular Dr. diagnosed me with arthritis and gave me
an antiinflammatory pill.  When I went back the following week he gave me a prescription for Lyrica because
I have had fibromyalgia off and on since I was 25.  The question I would like to ask is about the pain.  When
I lie down the pain goes away.  I can rest all night and towards morning sometimes I will get twinges of pain
in left or right side or on hip area.  Someone told me that if I don't have pain when reclining then it is not Ovarian
Cancer because it would hurt even when you are lying down. Does anyone have an experience like mine.  I have
been googling the web for awhile and can not get an answer.  Perhaps someone that has experienced OVCA
could tell me if there is pain with reclining.  Thank you.
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my first thought is..have you gone to a gyno to have your ovaries checked? from what i have read..and trust me i have been doing soo much research myself ..is you can have pain off and on with ovc..relief for some while laying down...some always feel pain no matter what they do or how they lay..thats  why its so hard to get a final answer for your question. do you have distention or feeling of needing to pee alot? do you feel full when only eating small amounts of food? are you always tired? there are alot of symptoms and most of them are very vague..go to google and type in symptoms of ovarian cancer.  go to gyno to have yourself checked out so you can get past the worry of not knowing for sure!! Let us know how things go for you! Take Care
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I have a gyno appointment on Dec 17th.  I am in a rural area and it is hard to get into
a doctor appointment any sooner.  My regular doctor would not refer me to the
gyno at the clinic I go to because he said there was nothing wrong with my ovaries.
I really don't have distention and I don't have to pee alot but I did before all this started
would get up and pee at night but that stopped.  I am having a problem with digestion
which I always attributed to acid reflux.  Now I am a nervous wreck and have been
swallowing a lot of air at night which I believe is upsetting my stomach.  I am trying to
relax but it is so hard I am also trying to work an am on my feet all day.  Please
pray for me.  Thank you, Belva
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I just said a prayer for you. although i know how hard it is to not worry..im one of those who does...but to help with your fear you need to know that over 90% of cysts are not cancer!! how long have you had problems with digestion? if its been a long time then it probably is acid reflux. im not a doctor..just someone who totally understands the fear! please keep us posted!  also, may i ask how old you are?
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I am 62 years old.  Prime time for ovarian cancer.  I had a lot of problems with fibromyalgia when I was young and went through numerous and expensive tests.  This
was before fibro was recognized as a syndrome and doctors looked at me like I was
crazy.  I finally found a local physician that diagnosed me and gave me medicine to help but even then it sometime took awhile for it to take effect.  I then went 30 years with
no problems as the disease lied dormant.  It surfaced 2 years ago in the form of
excruciating back of the head headaches with pain shooting from the top of my head.  Back to the old testing and  a Ct scan and a MRI.  I have no insurance at this time and
it is hard to go through a lot of testing especially when nothing is found.  I had a nasty
virus the summer before my fibro flared and I believe I had the Epstein Barr variety which is lately being a suspicious factor in Fibromyalgia.  I am hoping for the best and hope that this turns out to be another Fibro attack, but of course I will be ruling out any
gynocological problems before that.   Thanks for listening, I really appreciate it.  Belva
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i understand your fears! Im 46 and have had this cyst/tumor for 3 years now! I lost my insurance back then and couldnt afford the surgery. Now i have insurance but am scared that i may have waited too long to get this thing out of me! I dont really have symptoms..but i know it has grown in the last three years..it was 4.5c and as of last week its 8.6cm. it looks huge on the transvaginal ultrasound! you would think id have alot of symptoms...it has fluid in the center and solid around it. and it has irregular borders. no septations (which im told is good that there isnt septations) but the gyno told me if she didnt know that has been in me for so long she would have thought ovarian cancer!  doc also said since my stomach isnt distended that is a good sign also. im still scared big time. i have gone through so much..my oldest daughter at the age of only 21 was killed in a car accident..my oldest son was in the car too and was injured badly..they were passengers.this happened in 2002. my dad passed away in 2007..so as i said to another person on here..i do know that bad things do happen to good people! i have an 11 year old to take care of and im worried...she needs her mommy. so..pray for me too, ok? thanks!! ....also..wanted to say to you..dont think the worst..you dont know if you even have an issue with your ovaries...as a very wise lady on here said to me.."dont waste a good worry"  Please keep me posted! Take Care!!!
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When I read your last post I almost couldn't believe what I was reading.  We are so
similar when it comes to tragedies..  In April 2004 I lost my Father from diabetes.
In August 2005my Flower Shop business caught fire and was completely devastated.
In February 2006 my oldest daughter who was 36 at the time was walking home from
the firehall.  They had went there to get sodas andshe was hit by a car and killed.  Her
daughter seen it happen and hasn't been right since. I do believe that bad things happen
to good people.  My Mother says that it is satan that lays it on the good people who
are doing right and I do believe her. I am so sorry to hear about your family and what
has happened.  You truly deserve to have a good life.  I myself thank each day that I have
lived and I constantly tell my husband that I have had 62 years of life and if I don't live
even one more day, that is more than a lot of people have.  Please take care of yourself and I will keep you posted.  Belva
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It seems we do have alot in common. Maybe thats why we are always thinking the worst because we know about the "worst". we have gone through way to much. i keep thinking of all the wonderful ladies on here..they dont deserve any of this either..and man, let me tell you...they are some very strong, brave ladies!  they always seem to know what to say to me to help calm my fears..even tho they are in a world of termoil..they make time for all of us!  i check on here daily so i will talk to you soon..take care!!
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Hi, it's been a few days since I have been on the forum.  I have been trying to get ready
for Christmas and I can't get in the Christmas spirit.  I will have my Gyn exam in
4 days and I am going to insist on a transvaginal ultrasound and also a CA 125 blood
test.  I am still haveing pain and heartburn at night but I think I have worried myself into
a lot of it.  I am asking my husband to be strong for me in case something goes wrong
but he really depends on me for everything.  I don't think he could make it on his own and
I know he wouldn't really take care of himself.  I have been taking lyrica for about 2 weeks but it doesn't seem to help which is another worry.  The only time I get any relief
from different pains is when I lie down at night.  Please continue to pray for me as I will
for you and your family.  Thank you, keep in touch, Belva
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