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Concerned about symptoms?

I am a 37 year old mother of 2 beautiful boys, but I have had my fair share of female problems.  Beginning after my 2nd boy was born in 2002.  I ended up having a hysterectomy in 2005 because of endometriosis and an enlarged uterus.  I chose to keep my ovaries because they were working fine.  My family history is huge for cancer...mostly on my mother's side.  My mother died of pancreatic cancer, one of my mom's sister has had breast cancer over 3 times, another of my mom's sister had throat cancer, and my sister had cervical cancer last year.

Since about October 2007 or longer I have been having low back pain. I have been to the ER and Ortho clinic and even been taking PT for it, but it has not gone away. I have also had ordinary symptoms (painful sex, bloating, pelvic and low back pain) that I have never worried about until you put the symptoms together with the family history it is a bit worrisome. I haven't gone to my Gyn this year for my check-up and I am wondering if this would warrant a visit to her or do you think I am reading too much in to the symptoms.  

I would greatly appreciate any recommendations you could give.  
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If you're concerned, I'd see your doctor. You could have a CAT scan.
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You will only continue to worry if you put it off. You know your own body, if you aren't happy check it out. Hoping it goes well for you
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I think you should go in to your gyn and don't wait.  It isn't likely that it is cancer.  But, you could have cysts, a hormone imbalance or some other issue that can be resolved.  A transvaginal ultrasound will be able to detect any masses on the ovaries. Ask your dr. for one.  Most of the symptoms, unfortunately, are common with many issues.  It is never good to overlook them because early detection is the key.  I was dx at age 37 with stage 1a ovarian cancer.  I am glad I reported my symptoms to my gyn.  I never suspected ovarian cancer.  My main issue was urinary urgency and frequency.  The odds are in your favor that it isn't ovarian cancer but it never hurts to investigate symptoms.  Best of luck to you.
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