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Could this be Ovarian Cancer?

Hi everyone.
I have been reading all your comments. I am supposed to be approx 9 weeks pregnant. I first found out I was pregnant when I had stomach cramps and decided to do a pregnancy test the next day as I my period was late. The test came back positive and I decided to go to A&E as I didnt want to take any risks. When I attended A&E, they gave me a scan and looked very confused as they couldnt see any sign of a baby. I would have been very early so they thought maybe it was too early to see anything. They decided to give me a vaginal scan, still couldnt see anything in the womb but thought they could see something in my left fallopian tube.
I was told to go home as the pain had gone. They took my blood befoe I left and they said they would contact me with results. I was told to come back to the early pregnancy unit.
They told me that my hormone levels were very low and after more tests, they were rising but very slowly. I was told that this was due to a possible ectopic pregnancy. After another scan I was told they could see a vascular mass attached to my ovary and still no baby. They were unsure if this was an ectopic but told me that as it was still early, it was possible that everything was fine and the mass maybe due to being pregnant and needing a larger blood supply for the baby.
On my next scan finally they saw a sack in the womb but said it was very small but the mass was still there and I may still miscarry.
At this point I was beginning to think maybe things would work out fine as the baby was in the right place.
Two days later, I miscarried and eventually came to A&E with the pain and they said there was nothing much they could do. They gave me pain killers and said my hormone levels (which were very low) had finally dropped slightly.
I continued to bleed and pass tissue and thought it was all over.
Next I went to my scan to make sure everything had gone and I was told that they think the 'mass' on my left ovary is another baby. They said my hormone levels were falling but very slowly. They 'mass' is increasing in size but has no heartbeat or no features of a normal pregnancy.
This was the last thing I was expecting. It was hard enough trying to cope with my loss and now having to cope with maybe another loss.
I am still unsure if this 'mass' is infact another pregnancy that has not formed or something else?? All sorts have been going through my mind from another baby, to a cyst, or even ovarian cancer. This whole thing has been going on for a month now and I still don't know what it is. It is worrying as I can't help thinking that if it is growing, what if it is dangerous or what if my tube ruptures? Or what if it is spreading and I need to have everything removed?
I have an appointment at the hospital tomorrow morning and have been really upset and stressed. My manager has decided to let me go from work as I have had too much time off and have only been at the job for 2 weeks before all this occured. I don't know what to think- but the worst. All I have had through all this is bad news.
I was told that this is very rare and only happens to about 1 in 30,000 women- if they've got it right.
It is called a Heterotopic pregnancy. I am really worried, has anyone heard of this or does anyone have any thoughts on my situation? Is this Ovarian Cancer? It has grown from 3mm to 14mm in one week. They have given me another appointment a week later, which is tomorrow. What happens if it has grown another 11mm with no heart, visable limbs or sack? How long do they leave these things before they look properly and if they did look properly, what do they do? How would they know?
Please help.
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I'm so sorry you are going through this. I'm not a doctor and so I have no idea what is going on. I do know that cancer is often misdiagnosed or rather not diagnosed because doctors brush off symptoms. In any event, I'd ask if the mass should be surgically removed. It sure doesn't sound healthy to have it growing.
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