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Criteria for diagnosing ovarian cancer

Hi there, I've had a ton of tests to determine source of hematuria, nothing has been conclusive. The one area that hasn't really been tested are the ovaries.

Would hematuria and atypical urine cytology raise a red flag for ovarian issues? I often have a very dull ache in my left ovary area on most days.

About 3 years ago I had a normal ultrasound of ovaries while trying to get pregnant (still haven't been able to conceive)

History: Sept 2012 routine physical turned up severe anemia, small hematuria, high sed rate, low RBC. PCP sent me for colonoscopy/endoscopy, NEG. Then was sent for liver MRI, normal. Then sent for renal CT, normal. Just sent to urologist for cytoscopy, normal and urine work up shows I still have blood in urine (25) and cytology came back atypical cells.

Thanks so much.

(ME: Almost 42YO female, non smoker, family history of cancer(mom passed from non Hodgkin's lymphoma, father has survived multiple skin cancers, levels 3/4)
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For Ovarian Cancer they usually do a Pelvic Ultra sound and if they see something then they can do a CT Scan or a CA 125 blood test.

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