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Cyber knife research for ovarian cancer treatment

I underwent cyber knife radiation October of 2009 for  a recurrence of my Ovarian Ca Stage 3C.  the results were incredible and I had NO side effects!  So much better than chemo.  The insurance company gave prior verbal approval, but last week sent us a denial letter stating that this treatment has not been reviewed in peer medical literature.  They will not approve future treatment.  

Are there any studies that relate to this?  Are other individuals having this approved by their insurance?
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It's SO important for us survivors to get such good news!!!  Thanks for this.

Sorry that I don't know about insurance approval or not, but here's one way I've been successful at convincing my insurance company to cover a procedure.

I tell them how much the procedure costs, but also how much they'll save by not having to pay for much more expensive treatments.  I try to get exact dollar amounts to quote to them.  It kinda sobers them up and helps them to agree to pay for the less expensive treatment!
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It's wonderful that you had such good results from the cyber knife treatment.

Where had your cancer returned, and how did they decide that was the best treatment for you?

I like Susie's suggestion and I'm going to remember it for future situations, I hope it works for you.
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Thanks for the support.  I had two small tumors (less than 2 cm) in the upper left quadrant of my abdomen.  They were not attached to anything so the cyber knife was considered a safe option.

thanks to survivor_susie as well.  I am putting together the cost for my first round of chemo, which involved 4 hospitalizations, infected port, peritonitis, yikes!  Definitely should cost more than the cyber knife.
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You should also have your gyn oncologist contact the insurance company doctor to doctor.  (And keep at it.)  It might take persistence through 2 or 3 denials but sometimes that persistence pays off.  It's easier for them if you accept the denial.  It's harder for them if your doctor can medically justify his/her rational for the "experimental" procedure.

You also might want to contact "Ovationsforthecure.org" for some assistance.
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