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Cysic Mass

Findings of CT of Pelvis: ovarian neoplasm such as an ovarian cystadenoma. Other entities would be that of a duplication cyst or large lymphangioma. Findings are a bilobed septated cystic mass seen in the left hemipelvis, displacing the sigmoid colon toward the right and anteriorly. There is no free pelvic fluid. No pelvic lymphadenopathy. Mass measures 11.4x5.4cm. CA125 negative-cancer.
Findings of CT of Adomen: Multiple hypodensities seen throughout the right and left lobe of the liver. These all have fluid density. Largest in left lobe measuring 1.6cm. Impression:  Multiple Hepatic Cysts.
Surgery scheduled for next week. Hysterectomy in 2002, still have ovaries.
In addition, on 10/19/04, had anterior approach minimally invasive hip replacement, 2 incision, one at hip, one at groin. After 3 &1/2 months, I am unable to bear weight and am unable to walk.
Please explain the above in laymen's terms.  
Could my inability to walk be related to masses pressing against nerves? Have seen 8 ortho surgeons. None can find any reason why I am unable to walk. I am 44, hip was degenerative. Thank you for any information.
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