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Cyst removal - post-surgery pain

I'm actually posting this on behalf of my wife. Today, she had a fairly standard laparoscopic surgery for the removal of two ovarian cysts. It went well, but one thing she is experiencing that the doctor did not say anything about: my wife is having a great deal of abdominal pain that we're guessing is gas-related, as it's not from the actual incision point.  She can stand and sit, but when she attempts to lay down the pain is unbearable.  Of course, if this endures we'll try and contact the doctor tomorrow.  But has anyone heard of this before?  Nothing we do (Gas-X, etc.) seems to make this stop.
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You will get better information from the cyst forum, this is the cancer forum.
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Been there, done that.  I would also suspect gas; excuse me for being blunt, but has she excreted alot of gas or had a movement?  In any event, since it's four days after your post, I hope she is feeling better and I commend you, a man, a husband, for researching your wife's concerns!  Not many out there like you and she is blessed!  Best...... Elizabeth
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