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Cysts and Gastro Symptoms --What is the connection?

What is the mechanism by which cysts affect the GI system (consitipation, diarrhea)? Is this due to some kind of physical pressure due to size and location, or some chemical/hormonal process?

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I have been led to believe (this is a huge issue for me) that it is the pressure. In the morning I go for a wee every 10 minutes after my first coffee and I never ever empty my bowels properly. Oh we do have some lovely discussions on this forum LOL!

I have heartburn, indigestion. After tea - I might only have a sandwich - and it feels like ive had a ruddy great curry with 50 popadoms, nan bread and chips. I sit on the sofa like a big vegetable groaning. It is so uncomfortable it reduces me to tears of frustration at times. I think the monster in my belly is commanding more and more room as time goes by so I am not sure if its the same for the smaller cysts.

Anna x

ps I read today that teretoma (dermoid) actually means monster.
Note to myself 'stop trawling through the bloody internet'
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It is the pressure and also the fact that these cysts tend to push other organs aside.  This tends to create problems for the entire gi tract.  
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It could also be something else. Is it only related to when you have a cyst?

Cramping, stomach gurgeling, blood, dirrehea, and feeling of not fully evacuating are all signs of ulcerative colitis. Mostly starting with IBS turning into these other symptoms. All in a round about way related to cysts/endo...hormone inbalance can also cause UC. If so, please get to a GI. My first uc flare landed me 10 days in the hospital w/ close removal of my colon. Sorry if this was TMI, but wanted to make my point....
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These 'monsters' also create problems that take longer to resolve. I had sx on the 17th, and still have stomach acid. I agree with Anna-Maria... I can eat the simplest things (like lunch today... instant mashed potatoes with a little butter and cheese), and it feels like I just ate a whole bag of Flamin Hot Cheetoes or my famous Blow Your Sinus Chili (yes... it's really called that, and it really does that :)
Honestly, I tried the fiber powders and such, and it didn't really resolve the bowel problem for me. However.... a beer did. I'm off all pain meds, etc, so I celebrated my b-day with a few beers. No problem getting things through! Anytime now that I feel a bit blocked, I have a beer with dinner, and things are moving by morning. They don't call it 'making a beer run' for nothing :) No, honestly, I looked around on the internet, and it said something about the hops being natural softeners.
I'm trying to eat good and light, etc, but french fries (I guess from the grease), and a beer will get things moving better every time.
See... We all just need a good beer once in awhile! :D
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I'm really wondering if my bouts with diarrhea are related to my cysts, the largest which is 2.2 cm. They are small, but maybe they are wedged in somewhere. Or, if the cysts produced wierd or excessive hormones, maybe that would impact my overal system, hence the diarrhea.

Or maybe it *is* just my IBS, after all. But in the past I've usually gotten constipated, not the opposite.
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I lost both my inlaws to colon cancer, so when my mom started complaining of being constipated for several days followed by a day where she would "go and go", I thought for sure she had some kind of polyp or even colon cancer brewing. I never even gave ovarian cysts or cancer a thought! I was having a fit that they weren't immediately doing a colonoscopy on her, and whattayaknow....it ended up being a big ole cyst and a distended uterus. She's having a total hysterectomy on the 15th to take everything out. This really caught me off guard because I was SO sure it was something in her colon. My mom swears that eating that Activia yogurt with the extra active cultures is helping her "keep things moving" down there. I don't know where you live or if that's available there, but I think you could also probably get extra acidophilus cultures in powder form at the health food store and mix it with your regular yogurt.
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I eat yogurt daily, so I think I'll try the powder if/when things slow down too much. Thanks!
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i have been having the same symptoms.  I was told it could be endo.  No idea I am still undergoing testing for the last 6 months

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Well I have all three: cysts, IBS, endo..

OK four: fibroids.

Give me a minute, I'll think of more.
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Oh yes I eat the old bifidus digetivisums HA HA HA HA HA HA!

To an early message yes I just feel like I am not getting it all out. The funny thing is I suffer from IBS have done for years and that camoflaged (sorry bout the spelling) the cyst symptoms because nothing had really changed apart from the bigger belly. If I had been perectly normal then suddenly had bad B/M, wind and tummy aches I would have thought ay up whats wrong here but I have always had vauge tummy problems so thought nothing of it for 7 months (till I looked pregnant)

What worrys me is that after the op how on earth do I distinguish between the IBS and the possibility of another cyst?

I think after all this the lot of us will be trapsing up and down that doctors office every 5 minutes like the boy who cried wolf

Anna x
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Ladies I find all of your comments really interesting. I just had a cyst and ovary removed on June 1st 06'. I had no idea that I had a cyst or anything of the sort but a month before my surgery I was complaining of gas. Now I know everyone gets gas but I actually noticed an increase. Do you think that it could have been caused by the cyst? Now that it's removed should it go away?
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I also have extreme stomach problems and have had them since I was young but have become worse along with the finding out about the cyst's that I have. I know for me anti-anxiety drugs help alot with the stomach issues. I would die without mine. I was wondering I am 31 and am having reacurring ovarian cyst's that seem to come and go away on there own time, but I've heard that it is pretty common to have those and Endo at the same time. Is that correct in my hearing? Thanx.....
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