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Deandras Farewell

Deandra’s funeral on Saturday July 24th, was a beautiful celebration with over 800 attending sharing stories of how she had touched their lives in so many ways. The mass was so meaningful from the message, to the music and to the significance of the flowers. Deandra’s urn was custom made of granite and cherry wood, similar materials were used in the construction of each stylist station in her salon. Luke had a sea turtle created from flowers which Deandra loved to snorkel with in Maui. He also had a beautiful photo of her inside a heart shape cluster of purple flowers, her favorite color. There was a solid heart of white flowers with red flowers forming a broken heart effect. He had another arrangement with the teal ribbon representing ovarian cancer and another arrangement with a satin replica of the scissors she used at the salon. Lastly her loving companion George’s (their Rottweiler) photo was surrounded with a spray of lavender & pink flowers. Luke thought of every detail to surround Deandra with so much love & compassion.

During the service Deandra’s cousin, Phillip honored her by singing a song he wrote for her after hearing of her passing. The lyrics and notes came together with such meaning, singing with a heavy heart but the song lifted ours. Deandra’s aunt Diana gave an awesome eulogy that brought back wonderful memories, some laughter, a wonderful reflection of her accomplishments as an adult. Deandra specified that she did not want to focus on her 3 year battle with cancer. Her aunt honored that wish so beautifully.

Through the efforts of Deandra’s family, Luke’s family and many others, the reception for Deandra was also to her specifications. She wanted plenty of good food thanks to our good friend Bob and an assortment of yummy desserts brought by many. Many of you know of her love of desserts.

We miss our angel very much. She has made little visits already to many of us. We are grateful to all of you for your support, your prayers, the wonderful meals brought to our family, the extra bedding for our family, also The Omni Hotel extended so much kindness our way. We have received beautiful cards and kind gestures from so many. We heard from many that they were not able to contribute to the Deandra Trevino Memorial Fund through Wells Fargo, which has now been corrected. Any Wells Fargo branch now has the ability to accept funds. Please mention the fund name at any teller. We will be using these funds for ovarian cancer awareness and a gift of some sort to the oncology floor at the hospital.

We will be having a 2nd memorial mass on August 21st at 11:30am at Holy Spirit Catholic Church, San Antonio, Tx.

A wonderful tribute titled “The Final Chapter” was written in Boulder’s local paper, by Aimee Heckel of The Daily Camera, which ran on July 25th. Here is the link http://www.dailycamera.com/ci_15578807?IADID=Search-www.dailycamera.com-www.dailycamera.com
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The article in The Daily Camera was amazing!   My heart goes out to Luke and the entire family.  
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Beautiful.  That's all I can say.  Beautiful but just how incredibly sad.  These women's spirit, courage, strength and just how they faced this terrible terrible disease.  It breaks my heart.  As I followed Becky's struggle on CaringBridge, I am going to read Deandra's story on Carepages.  I have my box of tissues.  Thanks for sharing.
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See passed so beautifully with a smile on her face in the arms of the love of her life.
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Just an FYI - Ovations for the Cure picked up the story from the Daily Camera and posted it on Facebook.  The story is a heartbreaker, but beautiful all the same.
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I just read the caregivers page and saw the link to the article. The article was beautifully written, so sad but I am glad that I got the chance to read it. I was going to post it on here but see that you did already Angie and I am glad that you did.   Hopefully, everyone will see this post and read it. Just beautiful,
thank you,
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