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Hi, I am a grandmother from Texas who has been fighting ovarian cancer since 1994. I continued working until 1999 and loved my job. My cancer returned in 1998, and since I have low grade ovarian cancer,I was able to keep it at bay with Tamoxifen or Arimidex. I began to build up fluid a few months ago and have had a parencentesis twice. The second time the fluid became compartmentalized and the parencentesis didn't work. My oncologist said it was time for chemo. Since I had carboplatin twice with my CA125 rising the second time, my oncologist is giving me Doxil. I have had mouth sores, but that would be ok. Today, my nuerologist suggested I might have beginning Parkinson. On top of that I have Tachycardia and nueropathy. As I walked to my car, I became really depressed for the first time. I am tired of fighting. I love my family too much to give up. Have any of you had sudden and deep depression? What did you do? I stay busy, have friends, and keep many projects going. I need a friend who has been there.
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Hi grannie   I am a grannie also,  sorry you are having these problems, but you seem to recognize that you do have depression, its when a person does not know it , then that is the problem. I can tell you are a fighter, so I feel you will rise above this and hang in there with the treatments.  Have you read the posts about the Vitamin C therapy?  There are so many new ways now to reach  a remission and take care of those beasts. If you are like me, you hate the word depression, it just doesn't fit with the older generation at all.  It sounds like you have the ways of fighting it with your friends, hobbies and etc. There are some good meds out there that you can take also, to level off that depression. I have 13 grandkids and 1 greatgrand and another one due in Sept. Stay with this forum and these gals will lift your spirts and become great friends to you. It is my daughter that has OVCA, and they have all helped me greatly. Take care , Marty
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Hey Tex,
     So you didn't feel depressed until you had a half a dozen other things on top of battling the dragon that is ovca?  Yowsa!  Star already gaved you some good ideas but don't overlook the refuge of crying on a  friends shoulder.  You told us, tell someone you trust and I suspect you will have a better perspective when you unload some more of this crushing load you are trying to carry with so much grace!
     I would also like to personally invite you to tomorrow nights Cyber party in honor of Ashley who is celebrating her last round of chemo.  Hope you drop by Tex!  Mary V
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This is something I have truly experienced.  Please, please see a psychiatrist for meds to help you deal with all you are going thru.  It is so sad to me that in cancer we wouldn't consider not taking needed meds for treatment of the physical problems, but many times do not treat our emotional problems.  Believe me, I am a very positive person, have very supportive friends and family, a social worker background...I could easily see my depression at work when I was diagnosed but couldn't make it better.  There's alot of difference in general  and depression and the type  many cancer patients experience and drs. are not trained to recognize this.  I do hope you get the psychiatric help you so deserve.
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Hi Grannie,

I really sympathize with you. You know last summer I was on Doxil. It was the worst chemo because of what it did to my mind! I'm telling you it made me have a negative attitude and apathy. Once I got off it I was better. You sound like you are doing the right thing getting out with friends and family and doing things. Also being on this website is a good thing. It's good therapy to talk with strangers. Watch out for friction with the Doxil. No tight clothes and things rubbing against your skin. I used Tom's baking soda toothpaste-it's gentler and easy if you have mouth sores or to prevent them.

Doxil is harder in the heat. I did it last summer when it was really hot. You're from Texas so stay cool.

Please let us know how you're doing and if your depression starts to get beyond control seek a good psychiatrist. What's good for the mind is good for the body.

Breathe in the good,

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Thank you so much for your comments. I received something from each of you. You are correct, Raven, I need a friend whose shoulder I can cry on. Star, I will read everyone word of the Vitamin C article. Lucy, it is good to have company in a dark time. I hope you have moved beyond your depression. Freshair, I really received a breath of freshair when you told me about the toothpaste. I have to get a tube before my next treatment. Now, you are all too intelligent not to notice I didn't mention a psychiatrist. I have been going to a neurologist/psychiatrist for my nuerapathy. I am taking Cymbalta, which seems to agree with me. If I don't snap out of this, I will discuss depression with him. My grandson and son are coming this weekend, maybe playing with my boy will straighten me out. Thanks Grannie
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