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Dermoid Cyst - I'm 47

   I am 47, and have been diagnosed with a Dermoid Cyst attached to my left Ovary. It has its own blood supply. Everything I read says it is present from birth, I have 5 children, surely it would have been seen before? I had never had an abnormal smear until 2007.

This was only found due to me going to my doctor with continuous heavy bleeding and them investigating.

I have been told by my consultant that it is not malignant, size of a large tennis ball, and will probably have hair and teeth. I am booked in for a full hysterectomy

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Hope you are using an onc/obgyn just to have the best during surgery.  Not sure why you are scheduled for a full hysterectomy(unless it's because of the heavy bleeding and abnormal smear). 99% of the time the dermoids are benign-and they are present from birth but don't always show up.  Lots of posts on the forum on this.

Good luck.
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