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Dermoid Ovarian Cyst and Sciatica

Hi, I'm 31 and since the birth of my baby in April 2013 have been suffering from sciatica in my right leg, had MRI and 2 slipped discs were discovered, one bulging on sciatic nerve- I tried physio, chiro, different drugs to no avail. I had just come around to accepting surgery to remove the disc as struggle to stand up straight, walk distance  and in constant agony with top right leg-  in the background to all this going on, my period was coming every 17-20 days. Last night I had a internal scan where they discovered a dermoid right ovarian cyst 12.5cm which will need removing ASAP. I too experience a dull ache constantly on my right side. I now need to prioritise this operation over the disc one. Has anyone got similar symptoms, did the sciatica go after the cyst was removed? How long was recovery? Thanks
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I doubt your sciatica is caused by the cyst. It sounds more likely a disc problem, I have 4 bad disks and arthritis. Physiologically an ovarian cyst can't press on the sciatic nerve. If only it could be that easy.A had 8 cysts and I had no sciatica, My pain is in my neck from my disk.Every once and awhile a aggravate the one in my lower back. I woke up in terrible pain this morning. I have to take muscle relaxers and wait it out.

How long it takes to recover depends. If you ask them only to take the cyst it is a quick recovery. If they do a hysterectomy that is major surgery.  It can take weeks. Just a few in the hospital.It is best to keep at least one ovary. For your over all health you need at least one ovary. Just having the cyst out would be ideal.

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I agree with HVAC. And push for cystectomy (removal of just the cyst) so that your ovary can be preserved (or at least some ovarian tissue which will regenerate). (Not all gyns have good cystectomy skills.) Sometimes removal of an ovary can cause permanent hormonal loss and we need our ovarian hormones for good health our whole lives (they actually produce hormones into a woman's 80's). Sometimes they do a hysterectomy (uterus removal) at the same time but there is no good reason to do that (except additional revenue for the doctors and hospital). The uterus also has LIFE LONG functions so you want to hang onto it. .
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Hi Ksb,

Your symptoms sound very similar to mine.  Wish I could offer more info, but I haven't had a chance to sort out the sciatic side.

I had a hysterectomy last week (I'm 16 years older than you and was in menopause prior to surgery) for what I thought was a cyst.  My mass has now been diagnosed as Borderline cancer.

I don't mean to frighten you, but want to offer that my experience and my personal research (of course, I'm not a dr or any type of health professional) taught me that there could be many things going on.  My gyn seems to think my tumor (size of a baseball when removed) could have pressed on something and gotten things out of normal alignment, causing pressure on sciatic nerve.  We also discussed that endometriosis can spread to the sciatic nerves do cause probs.  I always thought mine was a back-related and planned to address after the hysterectomy. Now I fully believe it could be related to my gyno issues.  Only time will tell.
I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and be sending my most positive healing vibes your way.  Please keep us posted of your progress.

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