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Diet/supplements and PET/CT scans

Hi all.  I have stage 4 ovarian cancer.  I was diagnosed end Jan 08, had full hysterectomy in March.  The only symptom I had was shortness of breath, and 3.5 litres of fluid was drained from plural cavity.  In the fluid was cancer cells.  Had 6 treatments of carboplatin and paclitaxol, 3 weeks apart.  At this stage I  do not want any more chemo.  I am relying on diet - vege juice twice a day, supplements, and no animal protein, and positive mental attitude/meditation.  I am very healthy (I was very healthy before diagnosis!!!).  I am concerned that I am getting a buildup of fluid in the plural cavity again.  My oncologist has requested another CT of chest, abdomen and pelvic area.  I think  I will refuse it as CT and PET scans carry a risk of cancer.  These scans are the equivalent of 3,000 xrays.  I will agree to a chest xray to check if the fluid has returned to the plural cavity.  I have read some of the members comments, but note that no-one seem to look at these alternatives.  Does anyone have any comment on alternative and complementary treatments for ovarian cancer?  Regards, Sandy Mac
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There are a few women here who try natural supplements. Hopefully they will be along to chat with you soon.
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I was dx'd in July 07 with stage 3 ov.ca.  I had eight rounds of carbo/taxol, a short remission and the cancer returned June 08.  I am presently on a research study getting patupilone and the disease is in check.  I use a variety of alternative therapies. I get massage after every chemo treatment. I eat a wholesome, mostly organic diet.  I use meditation, visualization, breathing exercises, reiki, accupuncture and physical exercise (3 mile walk everyday) to strengthen my mind and body.  I also take nutritional supplements, calcium, fish oil, probiotics and multivitamins every day.  I have a psychiatrist that I see every two weeks or so to help me deal with it all!

I have some homeopathic remedies that I use also. I truly believe that I can beat this disease and that western and eastern medicine can work together.  I believe my disease is in check because of my willingness to become an active participent in my healing - healing in all ways.  I like my onc and his staff, they are open to this all, they just want to check on the homeopathic rememdies to make sure they don't interfere with the chemo.  

I wish you the best, you have to make your own choices about the chemo, the tests - all of it.  
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I have stage4 clear cell, dx 2006, did 12 rounds of taxol and carbo and chose to stop chemo Nov 2007.    I do the same thing as Maggie, reiki, acupuncture, reflexology, Reishi mushroom, lots of vitamins, fish oil, flax seed, CQ10, Qi Gong, Mindfull meditation, enemas, burdock tea. I also stopped eating white (flour, rice, noodles, sugar), stopped eating beef and still have my occasional coffee.

I feel good, my ca125 is below 35 last time I checked.  believe that it's my immune system that fights the cancer and the chemo tries to stop it from spreading.

Do your own research and decide what is best for you.  Keep in touch
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The fluid will show uo on a chest xray. My friend is a pulmonologist, and showed me 2x how it looks when he xrayed me. I had it in Nov 07 and April 08. My onc said unless it got close together we woud just drain it. Otherwise I would have to have a tube put in surgically by thoracic surgeon. Hope you do well.   Donna
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Alternative treatments are often not recommended, as they can never be proven in the absence of traditional chemo, however I understand your desire since it is essentially a 'race' to end chemotherapy since it is cytotoxic and there is always a dose limiting factor (chemo 'will' kill you, it's toxic...the goal is to kill the cancer cells, fast, so you can get off it...although long term usage can be achieved if taken correctly, monitored, and the body can support it).

For complimentary treatment, here are the ones I always recommend:

1) Maitake D-Fraction Grifron Pro version (from Maitake Products Inc.)
2) CoQ10 in roughly 400mg dosage per day
3) Take fatty acids, Omega 3, etc.
4) Genisten (a component of fermented soy) and I3C (from dark green vegetables)
5) Turmeric

If you are opting out of chemo, I would recommend the above supplements with your doctor's guidance.  Absolutley no guarantee they will help you, however various research points to their cancer fighting abilities, esp Maitake D-Fraction.  

One 'alternative' treatment I sorta looked into is IVC or Intravenous Vitamin C, however I look at it as more of a immune boosting component rather than anti-cancer (however there was research on that in the past).

I've written a few articles, available via my profile page on medhelp if you wish to check them out on a few supplements which can give you a better overview than this post.  Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!
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