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Dizzy spells

Does anyone get dizzy spells? I periodically get them and today is a doozy, its just now starting to feel a little better but my head really spins. Just curious.
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I was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope in 2003.I have had two strong episodes of these dizzy spells (Spring 03 and Fall 05).  Outside of these terrible onsets of dizziness I experience general/vague dizziness almost daily.  I try not to take meds outside of the two strong episodes I had and regulate by increasing fluid and salt intake.
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"neurocardiogenic syncope" I googled that and it says that fainting spells are a symptom, have you ever fainted? I have never fainted, I just sometimes have dizzy spells that are so intense I just have to lay down.
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Here's something I can help with.

When you get dizzy...what exactly do you feel...define what dizziness means to you...do you just feel off balance like you are going to fall down or do you feel lightheaded or do you see the room spinning around you?

Depending on what it is, you should see an ENT (ear, nose throat doctor).  I have had bad problems with dizziness for years and it turned out to be an inner ear disorder.

But whatever the case, go to the doctor and tell him/her whats been going on and be able to define exactly what you mean by "dizziness" - the word means different things to different people.  Let the doctor check you out just to make sure everything is ok.

And yes, limit the salt and caffeine intake.

Take care.
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How's your mom? I hope that she is having a good week (a good year for that matter)!  
When I get the dizzy spells it just feels like my head is spinning and if I close my eyes it feels like the room is spinning. Years ago (at least 13) I had a doctor tell me that I had "Meniere's disease" an inner ear disease but I don't really think that is it because there are other symptoms associated with the disease that I don't have. I'm starting to wonder if its my blood pressure because everytime I go to the doctor its high but my kidney doctor didn't seem concerned and that is one reason that I'm finding a new one.
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