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Do I need a second opinion? Only treatment is birth control pills for my symptoms?

I have had cramping and pms symptoms for two months.  No bleeding in between periods, but a clear discharge which is new to me and happens daily.  My period happens and then I think the pms is will finally be over and it's not.  
The next day I have cramps, pain, discharge, tender breasts, emotional, and back pain.  My doctor ordered me to have a vaginal ultrasound and the radiologist told me to see a gynecologist.  

I did, and the gynecologist was surprised they sent me and didn't see anything to be alarmed about.  I told her my symptoms (the cramps and back pain are the worst), she said that I had endometriosis and wanted me to take birth control pills, which I really DO NOT want to take.  If I didn't take them, then I would continue to have pain.  She told me that with endometriosis I should only have cramping during my cycle and she thought that it was strange that I had cramping and pain every day along with the discharge, that she did comment on.  So, I wondered if maybe it's not endometriosis?  Is there something else that I can ask about?  The exam that she did was VERY painful.  The findings from my ultra sound are as follows.  

-No abnormal endometrial thickening
-uterus is mildly heterogeneous and associated with an apparent small near isoechoic subserosal nodule along the left side of the fundus, measuring 1.6x.9x.9
-Left ovary has small anechoic thin walled cysts, larges 1.6 cm consistant with functioning ovarian follicles.
-Both ovaries intact blood flow.
-Endometrium 8.2 mm
-Uterus 8.8x4.8x5.9 with volume 124cc.
-Trace free pelvic fluid, no adnexal mass, tubo-ovarian abscess or hydrosalpinx.
-Right ovary 3.2x1.3x1.9
-Left ovary 4.2x2.6x3.1cm with an estimated volume of 18cc
-No free pelvic fluid

If all of this looks picture perfect and I really shouldn't have gone to a gynecologist, does anyone have any idea why I have all of these symptoms?  Could it really be endometriosis and the only option for me is birth control?  Thank you for your help.

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Hi There,

I agree with Fighterfran.
But I also agree with your gynecologist that this probably is endometriosis.
The best next test is a laparoscopy to sort out what exactly is going on.If you have benign endometriotic cysts, surgical removal will help your pain.

It is common to suggest a trial of birth control pills, for many women with endometriosis, this will improve pain.t will not cure endometriosis. (The only intervention that cures endometriosis is full removal of uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes.)

You should ask you gyn about these issues.
I see you live in Parker, CO. here is a link on gyn surgeons. best wishes

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By the way... I am 37 years old and have three kids.  I did have an ectopic pregnancy where my tube ruptured 10 years ago.  I am not pregnant.  Thanks again.
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Get a cat scan or pet scan.  I have ovarian cancer.  My doctor I had for 25 years.  I went because I was a little bloated and he would not do a CA125 blood test to check for ovarian cancer.  Normal range for CA125 is 0 to 30. I had to INSTST on the CA125 and ultrasound which was painful.  You should get these tests.  If your doctor refuses, go to another doctor. I would also get a colonoscopy too just to be on the safe side.  My doctor told I had "diverticulitis" which was a lie - I had ovarian cancer late stage 3.  If I had listened to him I would have been dead by now.  Get copies of your test results.  You didnt say your age but if you have any pain then you should keep looking for a cause.  Get another opinion - dont wait.
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