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Do i just sit and wait or see another doc?

Hello...if this is long I apologize in advance. Here goes.
Six years ago I was diagnosed with IBC, told I had 18 months, showed up for chemo and was told they made a mistake. They never did find out exactly what it was, but did a mastectomy and it went away.
I took clomid and pergonal for five yearsprior to all this, had some lost pregnancies, but now have three great kids, so yes I had fertility "issues".
Mom, aunts, grandmother, great-grandmother, and younger sister all had or currently have breast, colon, orovarian cancer. Some died oflung, but it was always from a metastisized cancer.
I am having extreme pressure in my abdomen, difficulty eating...like maybe a half cup of food a day, problems with B.M's and pain in my lower abdomen. Basically my stomach feels like I am seven months pregnant with twins. I have had this off and on, but now it is constant. I had to by bigger jeans yesterday.
I am overweight...I call it baby weight cause I had three in two years, but my youngest just turned ten....LOL
Six years ago I was referred by my breast surgeon to a Gyn/Onc who felt sure i had OVCA. He did surgery and came out telling my family I had beautiful, healthy ovaries.
I had annual exam at regualr gyn in July. I have called and asked if they did a CA125 (I asked for it because of family history), but no one is calling back.
I am not in pain, just uncomfortable. I see where most of the peopleon here had pain severe enough to go to the ER. I do not. Should I just wait it out, or make an appointment to see my old GYN/Onc?
Again...I apologize for the length.
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I think as long as your not in alot of pain waiting an extra wek isn't gonna hurt you any.  I would defintely keep on top of this and I would be using a gyn/onc for the best care and diagonisis.~~~Joanne
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I called and they said they could get me in Dec 3, but if the pain increased to go to the center where I had my breast stuff and have the ER call them. Am I waiting too long to wait two weeks. Should I try another doc? There are lots of them here evidently...Thank you for responding
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I would recommend you make an appt with your gyn/oncologist just as soon as possible....hopefully it is nothing but if it is "something" you need to take care of it as soon as possible......don't let it progress any further.....especially since you have three wonderful children!
Please do let us know how things turn out.
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Make the appointment--you have nothing to lose, and maybe lots to gain.  Why wait to see if you develop pain?  See the gyn-onc and put your mind at ease.  Otherwise you;ll just continue to worry!  Sending you positive vibs :-)
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