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Do you think i have ovarian cancer?

So i have a lot of the symptoms of ovarian cancer including  pain in the abdomen area, loss of appetite and bloating and weight loss. this has been going on for a few months. But the thing is i’m only 13 and that’s the only reason that makes me think i don’t have it. i don’t wanna tell my mom because she’ll think i’m making it up. Do you think i have ovarian cancer? Also how should i tell my mom? maybe just tell her the symptoms i’m having?
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i’m also having abnormal discharge. (like a lot of it sometimes to where you can see it through my pants)
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You are correct that chances are very slim that you would have ovarian cancer. But your symptoms definitely warrant seeing a doctor. Talk to your mom about how you've been feeling so she can have you seen by a doctor. I hope you get answers and feel better soon!
Thank you for your answer and help! I will definitely talk to my mom tomorrow!
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