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Doctor who does laparoscopic HIPEC?

Does anyone know of a dcotor who does HIPEC laproscopically so that my mother doesn't have to undergo another major surgery?
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I had HIPEC during my surgeries for pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP) and added a comment to your question on the doctor's board. I would suggest you investigate surgeons/oncologists that do PMP surgeries where HIPEC is the standard treatment and they are very specialised - The PMP Awareness site has a list of good surgeons, some of the surgeons do various abdominal cancers that are treated with HIPEC. If your mother does go ahead with HIPEC make sure that she has a surgeon and oncologist that are experienced in HIPEC.

I have mainly researched HIPEC in regards to PMP, but would be surprised if HIPEC was possible laporoscpically as the abdomen needs to be fully opened to ensure that the chemo is in full contact with all the organ surfaces and in all the nooks and crannies -the fluid is often agitated by hand in the abdomen to ensure this is the case. If a surface is missed the treatment is less effective. All visible tumour is usually removed as the chemo is only able to penetrate to approx 3mm, again if there is still tumor present it won't be as effective.

As regards your mum not having further major surgery, you don't say how fit she is physically or the status of her OVCA at present. Multiple major surgery does take it's toll, and although I can't say it's been easy for me I didn't find the recovery exceptionally different between the first 2 ops, the third was very hard indeed - I've put off my ileostomy reversal and second-look laproscopy until the end of this year (I could have it next week if I wanted) mainly because of how tired I feel after the last op.  I've outlined my surgeries and times so you can get an idea how much harder it does get and my be you can have a better idea of how your mum would cope with another major surgery, although the surgery wouldn't be as extensive as for PMP. None of my operations had any major complications.

I was diagnosed at 42 and relatively fit. I had an 8 hour op (Aug '06) when it was initially thought to be stage 4 OVCA. Had ovaries and 24cm cyst removed, appendicectomy, omentectomy, diaphragm and ascending colon surface scraped. I was back at work full-time at 9 weeks.

My recovery was very similar following my second surgery (April '07) which was much larger, 13.5 hours - splenectomy, small bowel resection; diaphragm, liver, stomach surface completely stripped; gallbladder removed, completly removed omentum, mesentry and peritoneal linings, with 90 minutes of HIPEC. I was fit for work at 12 weeks and it certainly wasn't noticibly worse to me with HIPEC.

The 3rd op which was 9.5 hours and was to strip my lower abdomen, again with HIPEC (Oct '07) really did take it out of me - which is more to do with the excessive surgery and anaethetic than HIPEC in mine and my surgeon's opinion. However, I was back at work full-time at 4.5 months working in excess of 50 hours a week, if I'd have had standard systemic or IP chemo I doubt I'd have managed that physically or treatment-wise.

Good luck with your search,

Lisa x
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