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Early Detection of Carcinosarcoma

Can you tell me who the conventional and non-conventional experts are on the form of cancer called carcinosarcoma?  Is this a disease that can be inherited?  If there is a family history, are there tests available for early detection?

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Hi there,
carcinosarcoma is a term used for a cancer that has two components - one that comes form the glandular cells - an adenocarcinoma and one Cancer type that comes from the cells between the glands , the stroma, which can form a sarcoma.
In the specialty of gynecologic oncology, board certified gynecologic oncologists are the experts on treating this form of cancer when it affects the female reproduct9ve organs. Most major academic medical centers have departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Within these departments , there is the division of gynecologic oncology.

best wishes
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