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Easing Pain/Tenderness 5weeks after Laparotomy

On August 19 I had a laparotomy to remove my right ovary, omentum, and appendix, due to borderline cancer cells being found in a very large ovarian cyst 7 weeks earlier.
The surgery went well, they even ended up leaving the ovary in as the surgeon thought the risks of leaving it in where very minimal, and my other ovary is badly affected by endometriosis and they decided to preserve my fertility.
All the tests came back perfectly clear, without a trace of any cancer or precancer cells.

Two weeks after the surgery my incision opened in two places and got infected, but antibiotics cleared that up and it’s now closed. (Just a few tiny scabs.)

I’m still getting stinging pain along the incision, which isn’t worrying me so much. But at the top, just under my belly button, I’m getting quite a lot of pain on the sides of the incisions. (Where they pulled the skin back and held it open during surgery.)
The area is still tender to the touch, and feels very badly bruised.

I’m also getting a lot of muscle pain, and wind pain, which I would normally treat with a hot pack. But I’m concerned the heat will affect the incision, or the areas that feel bruised.

I have my six week follow up appointment with my gyne/oncologist on Monday, so I’m planning on bombarding her with questions… But for now I’m just after some suggests reducing the muscle/wind pain and any suggestions for the bruising pain (if that’s what it is.)

Thank you :-)
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I am certainly glad you were cancer free, congrats.  Now I had my first lap done in July due to massive adhesions due to two early cancer surgeries, and WOW, my stomach looked like an elephant walked on it, so I can not say that maybe I am not a good comparison.  My belly button area was super sore and the bruising was massive and the first couple days, it tummy felt like it did when I had my original surgery, however, it did subside pretty quick.  I had no infections or anything and I did use ice on my stomach a few times with a rag as a buffer, which did help.  You said you are 7 weeks out?  My discomfort did not last that long.  I do not have  6 pack abs, my stomach has been through alot in the last 7 years :)

Best of luck to you.
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I'm just coming up to 6 weeks out from the big surgery. I had that 7 weeks after the keyhole one.

I'm finding the pain is worse at night, so I'm thinking I'm probably just doing to much through the day.
I've noticed that when the pain starts up I'm getting a little bit of swelling under my belly button. Not a huge amount, just enough to make my normally round belly button look like a frowny face.

I'll try ice on it next time, thanks :)
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You know, that's funny that you mentioned that, because during the day, when I was on my feet alot, my old incision from my original surgeries would "bulge" and turn purple, but only below my belly button.  But when you think about it, the actual lap surgery incisions were in the belly button and on each side below that.  I guess it's just our bodies saying "ouch".

Again, hope the ice works and you are on the mends :)
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