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Elevated CA-125

I am 32 years old and have not felt quite right since October, been to the doctors numerous times. Now my symptoms seem to have worsened. Costant pressure in my abdomen, irregular periods - closer together, tiredness, loose stools. I have just had a CA-125 which came back at 46! Five years a go I did have a uterine polyp removed the size of a satsuma and symptoms are similar apart from the pressure. I go for s scan next week, just wondered wif anyone had any advice and what to look out for, ask?

Thank you

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Have you had an transvaginal ultrasound? That is what they usually do for looking at the ovaries. There are many reasons besides cancer for a CA125 to go up. Are you having that repeated? It is good to get these things looked at since unlike having a pap smear there is no way to really look at an ovary. It looks to me as if they are concentrating on the uterus. Uterine polyps can cause all kinds of symptoms.

You have a 1.4% of ovarian cancer in a life time. The percentage is less with your age. 98% of ovarian cysts are benign.

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