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Elevated CA125

Hi can anyone reassure me? I was diagnosed last year with stage 1c clear cell ovca at age 37. I had a full pelvic sweep and 6 rounds of carboplatin and placiltaxel which finished in feb. CT was clear. CA125 was 51 before diagnosis (I had a HUGE cyst - 13cm) - which when removed was discovered to be cancerous). Was then referred for major surgery (pelvic sweep). CA125 was 75 post hysterectomy (oncologist said the elevation was probably due to inflamation caused by surgery -  I did suffer a dialeted bowel and post-operative fluid in the abdomen that resolved itselt). CA125 declined to a steady 16/17 part way through chemo and has remained there ever since. 9th of December and I have a CA125 of 54 - they call me this week with results and want to re test it next week and I am terrified. I did have a bad cold a couple of weeks back and the past couple of weeks my stools have been loose. I know CA125 is not reliable and my nurse says it could be due to a virus or infection but I am swinging between hoping it's down to some virus/inflamation to thinking the worst. Has anyone had a rise in CA125 for reasons other than recurrance? And has this rise subsequently returned to within range? Any reassurrance gratefully received! Thank you.
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It is probably okay, but don't assume.  Keep on top of it and make the docs do the same.  Marie
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When you are such with a respiratory illness, the lungs can produce the same protein a CA125 measures.  There are so many variables that can affect the results. That's why most docs look at the trend vs a single reading. It's very possible that's what's happening here, but like Marie said, you don't want to take that for granted. Go for the test and try not to worry in the meantime. Easier said than done, I know. Please keep us updated and let us know how it turns out.

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Yikes! Sick, not *such*.
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I had an elevated CA-125 after surgery to repair the hernia caused by my surgery. If you have any sort of inflammation in the abdomen, it will elevate the CA-125.
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