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Emotional highs/lows after surgery???

Hi Ladies, I thank God for you every day.  Today I am 8 days post complete hysterectomy via open surgery.
Monday I did a little too much (because I felt pretty damn good).  Suffered Monday night with low fever, chills, feeling like maybe I had done too much (I'm not very bright).  Yesterday, I took everyone's consul, and stayed away from anything that might be a burden, although I did try to keep getting up, walking around a bit, sitting up etc.  Last night, I had the same problem.  No fever, but bad chills and feeling like a truck ran over me.  

Last night I noticed that I was quite moody.  Crying, angry, scared, mean, silly, oh, you're typical full scale PMS moodswing.  Today (Thursday) I am feeling physically better, but crying like a baby.  John told me he couldn't put my big plastic outdoor rocking chair together because it had seen it's last day, and I felt like someone snatched my chance at happiness.  OK, I like my rocker, but geez!  I wanted to sit outside today, a bit, and watch my 7 year old play outside when she get's home from school, but I just feel like someone took the wind out of my sails, since crying about the damn rocker.  It's probably about the 4th time today I've cried (and it's only 2 p.m.) very little crying related to any pain.

Advice?  Suggestions?  Similar experiences?

Crazy in Chicago,
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Hi Donna,
not sure if the menopausal symptoms would have kicked in yet , but you have been through a lot both before and after surgery!! your body has been through a major trauma and you will be feeling tired and irritable without a doubt !!. Don,t be too hard on yourself and take time to rest when you can . Im not able to take HRT because of my cancer type but I think you need a little more reccouperation time to see if you feel a bit better in a few weeks or so . In the mean time Im just thankful im on the other side of the screen lol (just joking around) .
Take care  love Angie
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Well you have to remember that your hormones are now in turmiol. And you may want to talk to your onc about it. The symptoms of surgically induced menopause can be more severe than if it come on naturally. I have never had a problem with the mood swings or depression, hot flashes and night sweats are my biggest enemy. And after 2 years, they are just as stong as ever.
A lot of it could also be a mental reaction to everything that you have been going through. Now that you are in recovery and not able to do much at all, your mind may finally be catching up with the past few months experiences.
I can't say for, as you well know, but try not to worry as I am sure what you are going through is fairly normal. Hang in there!
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Hey Donna,

You have just had MAJOR surgery.  This is a big thing.  I remember feeling ok when I was still in hospital after the op and then when I got home, I felt a bit lost and bawly...and I still had my ovaries!, so I guess  it wasn't anything to do with menopausal symptoms.  Just the mere fact that you have had this surgery let alone all the anxious waiting, the pain and your hormones playing havoc will make you feel like this.  It is completely normal.  Just remember that one day soon you are gonna wake up feeling back to your old self. 'Crazy in Chicago' will be 'Crazeee Happy in Chicago' soon!!

Peace and love
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Hi!  I am glad to know I am not alone on the emotional rollercoaster this week.  I just hope and pray it goes away.  All day  I have felt like crying because I have been itching nonstop.  I must look like a puppy sitting on the floor just scratching away :)  I know what a mental image right?  But hey it could be worse.  We could be doing that prep **** again :)  I really do hope you feel better.  

Take care of yourself
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Oh Donna, my heart aches for you. Although I have not had my surgery yet, I can feel for you. I know how I get when I just have an emotional day (with my ovaries still intact). Im sure I will be a blubbering idiot when mine are gone. Remember though, like the others have said, alot of this is from the stress surgery put on both your body and psyche. Subconsciously you could be releasing all those pent up fears and emotions that we don't even realize are there. Hang in there Honey... It will get better, Im sure of it. Im on your side.
Smile, the sun is out and spring is here!!!!
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You need only to go read my blubbering mess that I wrote last week. You are not alone.  This is normal.  I think that the stress on our bodies plus the emotional toll of surgery and loss of our female parts all rolled into one can make for a very rough road. Our hormones are leaving our bodies so I think we're slowly losing all those stabilizing hormones.  Did your doctor give you a patch or anything?  You may want to call him/her just to mention the emotions but see how you feel in a day or two.  Give yourself some time.  This is week 4 for me and I have felt better, especially since last week.  That was pretty bad for me.  But, still, I can cry pretty easily.

I'm so glad to read that you are taking it easy.  I had my post op appointment today and told my doc all I've done and he said that most people have not done half as much.  Er...I may be overdoing it.  LOL  He gave me an exam b/c of some issues and he said I'm not healed, sutures haven't disolved and it's normal to be hurting still.  Boy do I hurt after that exam!  He said to take it easy.  I'm just saying all this so that hopefully you will be reassured that you, being only 8 days post op, will be taking it easy for at least 6 more weeks.  It's YOU time, girl!

Take care,
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I did experience the same thing...my friend who had 3 gyno related operations, warned me that I would go through this and she blames it on the anesthesia (?)..she said that it would take a good 6 months for your system to clean all this out.  
Right now it's important that you move a lot, don't lift anything for at least 6 months,,,drink lots and lots of water to flush out the anesthesia and will help you get back into having normal bowel movements also.
Like the ladies said above, your body has been traumatized and will take sometime to recover.  Watch funny entertainment ,..things will get better soon.
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