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Emotions/Mood Swings after Surgery

Mom is 64 and had surgery about 6mo ago now...but she does get mood swings/sadness out of the blue.  She says she thinks it's due to hormones from the surgery and such.  Has anyone else had similar experiences or thoughts on this and possibly how to ease this?  Anything we should be asking the Dr (can they even do anything)?
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There's always some side affects that go with all of this. It's a terrible jolt to a woman, so it's natural that there has to be some repercussions. In my case, I don't get the mood swings, but I don't have the patience I once had, especially when driving. I guess the best thing is if your Mum talks with her medical team, and I'm sure they will come up with something to help her.
Thinking of your Mum and hoping she can do well...Helmar
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Mood swings are not that abnormal.  Even when one has been throught menopause, the ovaries still produce hormones, then add in some prednisone as part of chemo, every three weeks.  Then lets talk about coming to terms with having cancer, it stinks.  I would get into bed at night an just cry, because I felt bad, I was, and am scard, and I don't like having cancer.  I guess it depends on the severity of the mood swings, euphoria to depression in a short period of time?  Does she go to a support group? have someone to vent to?
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I'm basically it for her, we don't have any family out here and her husband is not loving.  Plus she's been in the hospital(s) for 6 months now and just wants to go home, so I bet that factors in.  Just wondering if she should ask for any hormone related therapy...I know that's a touchy subject with ovca.

Thanks :)
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Being in a hospital for six months would get anyone depressed.  Is there any way she could get home, an assistive living or even nursing home, that would provide some activities?  Hospitals are very boring non stimulating places with only yourself to focus on.  
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I always say sublingual B12 a few times a day. It helped me tremendously. Got rid of my anxiety that I had with the hot flashes. I take a B50 also 3x a day. There's alot of stuff on fish oil helping depression. I take fish oil also. Stay away from the bad fats and consume the good fats. Also juicing helps so much with energy levels. You could start out with orange juice, then apple juice, carrot and start adding a little spinach, a little parsley. See if that helps.
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thanks everyone for the advice!  no she can't come home because she is on TPN and there are two doctors on conflict on wether she can go home or not (it's a mess).  We have no insurance so can't afford $2,000 a day for TPN (even though she's eating...it's so stupid)
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