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End-stage Primary Peritoneal Carcinoma

Hello....I have been caring for my mother-in-law in my home since being diagnosed with PPC Stage 3c on Nov 1, 2011.
She had the usual debulking surgery followed by Carboplatin/Taxotere-which she could not tolerate, then just Taxotere alone, and then Taxol. All post-op biopsies were metastic, as was the 2.5 ltrs af fluid removed from her abdomen. She had a terrible time with all chemotherapy. She is 87, and has been off of chemo since Sep 14, 2012 as her doctor said she needed a break. We saw him yesterday, and her abdomen has swollen larger than it has ever been, she has constant abdominal pain, and is too weak to walk unassisted, or to dress, bathe, etc. She has no appetite, and again has large volume urination. He suspects she has fluid in her ab with tumors as well, and we have a CT scheduled tomorrow. Her CT125 has never been below 50. He will see her next week to discuss the CT results and told her to think about whether or not she wants to return to chemo, or think about options such as abdominal aspiration, and to consider hospice care. I am an RN, and also a retired dentist/dental school instructor, so I have the training to care for her. She also has early to mid stage dementia. What I have no experience in is how this cancer progresses at end-stage, and what to be aware of. Can anyone help me?  Thank you so much, and prayers to all of you...

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Hugs to you!!!!!!  

For yourself, please consider hospice care, even though you are an RN, it is time for you to be a family member and not a medical provider.

Everyone is different in the end.  There is no tried and true end with this disease.  The most important thing is that your mother in law is kept free from pain.

As for the dementia, I can understand as my mother too had that diagnosis.  It is very difficult caring for an elderly parent.

Wish there were words of wisdom to share, but, there are none.
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