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Endometriomas and hip/groin pain

I'm 38 y.o.  I've had intermittent right hip pain with catching and clicking since an injury a few years ago (never had the injury checked out - thought I had just pulled a groin muscle).  Over the past few months, however, the pain has worsened (and is more constant) and has spread to the right side of my lower back.  The pain is affecting daily routines such as sitting, driving, exercising, and sleeping.  It hurts to wear jeans.  I recently had an MRI, ordered by my orthopedist, to rule out a labral tear.  I found out yesterday that the pain isn't a cartilage tear, but probably the result of an endometrioma.  I have diminished ovarian reserve and unsuccessfully tried an agressive IVF treatment almost 2 years ago.  I also have a history of uterine fibroids, uterine polyps, mild endometriosis, and an occluded right fallopian tube.  I haven't seen my GYN about this yet (he didn't return my call yesterday) so I've been researching the internet for answers.  The more I read, the more I'm scared that I may have ovarian cancer as I've also had a lot of gas (especially in the evenings), irregular bowel movements, bloating, lower back pain, and have gone up a couple of pant sizes over the past couple of months (and I've always been very skinny).  Over the past couple of days, I've had a urinary tract infection (my second one in 6 years) and a yeast infection (my second one in 4 months).  Is it possible I have ovarian cancer or is it more likely that I really do have an endometrioma?  If I do have an endometrioma, will I most likely have my right ovary/fallopian tube removed?
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You really need to see a gyn.  Make an appt ASAP.  Ovarian cysts can cause all of the symptoms that you have mentioned.  Please keep in mind that 99% of ovarian cysts are BENIGN. You have come to the right place as there are many wonderful women here who have been in the same place you are and can help you.  I myself had 2 dermoid cysts (benign) which caused the same problems you are going through.    You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Godspeed
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I agree with Tascha you definently need to make an appointment with a gynecologist. I also have mild endometriosis and the symptoms are very simular to ovarian cysts. Have your symptoms changed within the past few months? I'm also experiencing simular symptoms to you. I put on 25 kgs in a space of 2 months, my stomach was and still is so bloated that I look as though I'm 8 months pregnant, and the bloating has left me with stretch marks on the lower abdomen. I have lower back pain as well as pain radiating into my right hip (as I have some sort of lump on my lower right side)urinary frequency and all my urine tests have come back normal. I have pressure on the right hand side of my abdomen and its sometimes hard to sit or ly down in certain positions as its uncomfortable. I have also been spot bleeding after sex and having alot of pelvic pain. I'm waiting for my ultrasound results. You should ask for a ultrasound and C.T scan to rule out cysts.
Let us no how you go.
Hope you are feeling better soon
Take care
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I have a history of endo and also underwent fertility treatments.  Your symptoms certainly sound like endo - and it can definitely cause the bloating and going up pants sizes (i've lost 15 lbs since my surgery and don't look pregnant any more).  ALso can cause the gas and urinary frequency, etc.

Endo is finally recognized as an autoimmune disease and there is a good body of literature describing some of the specific abs they've found as well as the very elevated inflammatory cytokines (eg TNFa, IL6) in serum and pelvic fluid of women w/ endo.  TNFa is also one of the big culprits in RA and a couple of the drugs for RA specifically target this inflammatory cytokine.  Cytokines are immune mediators - part of your host immune response - they must maintain a delicate balance or you can have problems responding to infection properly, or develop autoimmune disease.  The inflammatory cytokines also decrease signifcantly w/ removal of active endo lesions - so that is also really good news.

I had terrible back pain w/ endo - also sort of my butt area to the pt where I couldn't walk some times.  

As far as the infertility - I can really sympathize with how difficult this is.  I was also told that I had "low ovarian reserves" and was probably going into premature ovarian failure.  This was when I was in my late 20s and after 3 yrs of infertility treatments.  Magically, when they removed the endometrioma from my ovary and did a little clean up (they saved both ovaries and tubes  - I just lost part of one ovary), I reversed and ovarian reserve was no longer a problem.  It just kills me that they tell us that.  I think they base it on hormone levels, which can get awfully messed up w/ endo.  I was again told this recently  - I'm now 44 and although it's certainly more probably now, I still believe it was due to endo and not premature menopause.

Another piece of good news I want to share w/ you is that after I got that endo surgery, a few months later I was able to get pregnant. I have 2 children now.  And - the pregnancies really killed off the endo and I was free of it until recently.  

I would not only get yourself to a GYN, but I would seek a reproductive endocrinologist who knows about endo to ensure best surgery for preserving your organs if you wish to have children.

One more side note:  I read about one Dr who has successfully treated endo w/ ENbrel (which is one of the RA drugs targetting TNFa that I mentioned above).  I was on the list w/ his patients b/c I wanted to know more about Enbrel b/c my son had to take it.  Many of the people on that list had nice results getting pregnant and carrying a baby to term w/ the treatments they were getting.

Good luck - I've been where you are and I sympathize.  Remember for surgery - you have total control over what you consent to remove.
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Endometriosis and cysts can cause your periods to become irregular. the past few months my periods have been comming about every 21 - 24 days when my period used to arrive about every 28 days...It's such a nusiance. Have you had any spotting?

Good luck with the doctor tomorrow.

Take care

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Thank you all for your feedback.  JGMom, you've given me hope regarding having children, but my husband cautioned my excitement after I read your response to him; although he made a comment before I read your message that perhaps the endometriosis (if that's what I really have) is affecting my ovarian reserve.    

I'm frustrated that I didn't get a return call Friday afternoon from my doctor's nurse.  I didn't ask specifically if she'd call back later in the day, but based on some of her comments, I thought she would.  So...I've been left to fret the entire weekend over the MRI findings.  What's adding to my concern is that I was supposed to start my period on Friday (day 28 - I'm always regular with 25 to 28 day cycles), but I haven't started as of today, day 30!  I know I'm not pregnant because I've avoided intercourse this month since I was scheduled for an x-ray and MRI for my hip.  Also, I had a pregnancy test (which was negative) as a precaution last month prior to having some vaccinations.  

I'm getting on the phone first thing tomorrow morning and will hopefully be able to see my doctor tomorrow.  Even if I weren't freaking out over all of this (I REALLY thought my orthopedist was going to tell me I had to have surgery to repair a cartilage tear - never imaging this all could be related to my ovary), the pain isn't going to allow me to continue like this much longer.  Shopping for two hours today really took its toll on my hip.
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