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This is not really a question!
It is a response to people who have commented on the closed threads about endometriomas and the danger of cancer.
I have talked to my gynaecologist about this condition. He is one of the best gynaecologists and fertility specialists practicing.
I asked him about if there was a danger of cancer with this condition it it is on the ovaries.
He said that if the trans-vaginal ultrasounds shows no signs of cancer, then it is extremely ulikely and a very remote possibility. His words to me were that you have as much chance of being run over by a car than  this condition turning into cancer; and if the cysts are not causing too much pain or interfering with daily life, an option is to leave them and monitor them. (If  a woman is trying to conceive then obviously treatment may be needed).
I am posting this because i was very worried before i saw him and he reassured me.
I'm also posting in response to the woman in the other discussion on this who's answer will frighten lots of people and sounds like scaremongering to me. I get really annoyed when i read posts from women like that on a forum as they are not gynaecologists: just people who look up stuff on the net!
I am going to treat my condition with chinese medicine and acupunture as
edometriomas can be shrunk or disappear with this treatment if done by a very good practitioner.
Happy days!

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