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Endometriosis question

Okay here goes, GYN gave me birth control to stop ovulation.  Not sure if I have endo or not but it looks as though  i do and i have a followup US june 20th to see if they have shrunk or something.  Now here is the question. IF i have endo am i still supposed to feel the pain eventhough I am stopping ovualation and menstration? I have been in so much pain. if i was to have my period is was supposed to start today but.  I am so nauseated and cramping.  is this normal? She wont do a lap at the moment to rule out endo.  but she will put me on meds for endo,, rrrr i dont know what to do.  Does it sound like i have endo if I am still having pain without having periods?  I feel myself ovulate am i supposed to?  oh well its only been 6 months of not knowing whats 6 more.  

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hello, i can't answer you with personal experience,  however a good friend of mine (who is only about 40) has endo. She is on the Pill and has constant pain, bleeds all the time- when it's her Period it is heavy, the period seems to "slow" down (doesn't quite stop) then she just bleeds for about 3 weeks til it all starts again. SHe also feels like she is always ovulating.

---hope you can get answers and relief. good thoughts to you
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Which medication has your gyn prescribed for you?
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I am on marvelon 28.  I do have a prescription for lupron but I am not sure if i want to take it.  I feel much better with the nausea.  The gyn said that cyst dont cause nausea, so do i have an overload of estrogen?  could that cause problems?

I am so confused.
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Well, that was an incomplete answer that your doctor gave to you.  Yes, it is true that a cyst itself does not cause nausea, BUT the hormonal disruption and other effects (such as gastro-intestinal upsets) caused by the cyst can indeed cause nausea.  My endometrioma caused increased nausea similar to "morning sickness".
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I was diagnosed with endo via a laproscopy. Didn't even know I had it, but it was from an endometrial cyst that had a partial rupture.
They offered me Lupron, but after seeing all the BAD side effects the drug can have, I opted for the Depo-Provera shot. Would rather have the body simulate pregnancy than menopause.
If you're on the pill then you shouldn't be ovulating. You can still have a period, though, even if you're not taking the placebos. My gyn told me that periods usually stop after at least three months of one particular kind, and if they don't, then it's time to try something else.
Seems kinda crappy for something to take so long, especially since the endo grows with each period!
So far the only side effects are a little more bleeding (I was still going really lightly from the previous pills and surgery about 4 weeks ago), a little backache, and cravings for certain foods (yesterday I wanted grilled bread with cheese... not a grilled cheese sandwich, but just a slice of bread with cheese melted over it. Go figure...)
I'm hoping this works cause I don't want to go through another surgery like that one....
Keep in touch!

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I'm 23 and has a hysterectomy for a double/tilted uterus. During the surgery they found massive endometriosis. They took everything out except 1 ovary (so I don't have to go on HRT) I'm 2 months post op and the endo is back almost as bad as before the surgery! Doc told me it feeds off of estrogen which is produced from ovary. I'm going back in for surgery to remove again! He also said that there is a birth control that will give your body the estrogen that it needs but basically keeps it out of pelvic area to slow down the endo.
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