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How important is exercise to recovery?  If someone has been in hospital for 9 weeks and is very weak it is difficult to "make " them exercise if they are not feeling well.  Any suggestions??

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First off, I would want to know why she was in the hospital for 9 weeks.  No one can suggest a exercise schedule without knowing that, although the pool thing can be done by most any one.  You should definitely check with the Dr as suggested above.  I had to get my onc to sign a permission form, before I could join the wellness center.

Oh, a lot of the larger hospitals have Wellness Centers now which is really a fancy term for gym.  The hospital my onc is associated with has one and they have a program specifically for cancer patients.  I went after my first round with carbo/taxol, but was unable to continue once I was on Gemzar.  I do try to walk and I have a thing you step on at home  and you can adjust the tension to make it easier or harder.  It also tells you how many calories you burn, how many miles you "walk" and it tells you your BMI.  My BMI is 17.5 which is on the low side but I am hoping to get it up a little.  I am probably one of the few people whose onc has told them to eat more fatty foods.  Anyway, I try to do something on that everyday even if it is only 1/2  mile or so.  It is very difficult to want to exercise when you get winded after two steps, but eventually she will be able to build her strength back up if she does just a little at a time.

Do not let her get discouraged or feel she has to live up to outrageous expectations.  Not everyone can do this and most don't so she will eventually be just fine either way.
Take good care of yourself as that is important when you are taking care of someone else.
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exercize can be given by anyone with a knowledge of how to move the arms and legs  even if the person is laying down or sitting, get a plan of exercizes from a physical therapy  professional,  I have done this to strengthen muscles on older people with hip and knee replacements and broken hips,  there are several small machines that can be used the same way, sitting and doing "pedaling" ,   use of a walker/ with wheels  at first for confidence  and  using those leg muscles.  light weight bar bells  for arm strength,  a staitonary bicycle , tread mill, these all all home based helps.  If money is no problem  just going to a professional  physcial therapy  session  for massgae and work out is very beneficial, insurance might cover this if ordered by a doctor..  My friend  in her 90ts, broke her hip 2 times  and then had a hip replacement,  I carried out the exercize plan  and had her up walking in 6 weeks, unassisted. Along with this she will need a very nourishing diet to help rebuild her  total system,  I found that ensure helped my friend alot .
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I exercise in the water, in a swimming pool.  It's almost weightless, and you can stop anytime you want, unlike being on a long walk and having to walk all the rest of the way...

You do have to get your doctor's permission, in case there are surgical scars which need to heal.  You can begin by slow walking.  Do a few leg lifts.  Push the water down with your arms while standing.

I love exercising in the water. Besides the obvious benefits, there are more benefits which I love about it. First, you're cleaner when you finish than when you started! Next, the water keeps you cool.  Last, and my favorite, no one can see you work out!  I love that one.  I have lots of flab.

I exercised all the way through chemo.  I never got tired during chemo, either.
Best of luck to you.
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Walking is classed as excercise , It can be built up gradually each day . To be laying in hospital for 9 weeks is a long time , your muscles would lose some of  their tone and need to be regained back gently in a weak person.

Best wishes Angie
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