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Fast Growing Squamous Cell Pathology

Dr Goodman,

Here is the pathology on the fast growing squamous cell.  Thanks...

To: Dr Goodman
Hello Dr.

The pathology report reads:

Designated "pelvic mass", excision:  Squamous cell carcinoma arising from a dermoid cyst
Tumor Location:  right ovary
tumor size:  9 x 4 cm
ovarian surface:  negative for carcinoma
residual ovary:  dermoid cyst
biologic type:  squamous cell carcinoma
Biologic grade:  Grade II, moderately differentiated with extensive necrosis
Falopian tube(s):  Unremarkable
Endometrium:  atrophy and polyp
Myometrium:  Leiomyomata
uterine serosa:  unremarkable
cervix:  nabothian cysts
omebtum/peritoneum:  negative for metastatic carcinoma

(that was as of Dec. 14th surgery)

Jan 4th ca-125 level of 16

Feb 8th surgery for bowel resections
frozen section diagnosis:  metastatic carcinoma consistent with squamous cell type.  Small bowel (a) and Small bowel mesentery (b)

Part a - the specimen consists of pieces of a poorly differentiated tumor composed of medium-sized to large malignant cells demonstrating eosinophilic cytoplasm, pleomorphic nuclei, prominent nucleoli, frequent mitotic activity, and a suggestion of some intercellular bridges focally.  Part B- the specimen consists of a nodule of squamous cell carcinoma demonstrating keratin production and dome dyskeratotic cells.  The tumor is moderately to well differentiated.

As of Feb 22nd CA-125 of 67 and PET scan of Feb 21st showed one mass approx 56 mm and 4 -5 cell clusters in abdominal cavity all else clear.

Any suggestions as the oncologist that we have here has never seen this and it is so very rare that we are searching for sources that may be familiar to assist with treatment options...

Many thanks.....
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You have posted the dr. on the wrong forum page. Go to the forums page and the drs. are on the right hand side of the page. Sorry......
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