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Fatigue... for how long?

just wondering how long people experienced fatigue for after surgery and just being on follow up??
I have surgery in the first week of July only keyhole and am now just on followup... I do have implants which they tell me will continue to grow in the mean time ( i am borderline ovarian cancer and they are giving me a chance to have a baby, I am not currently pregnant) I still fell very fatigued... I find it hard to get started in the mornings and keep catching colds etc...
when did others start to feel normal again??
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Hello, I'm sorry your not feeling so good yet.  Unfortunately, with my experiences (everyone is different) it took a few months.  On a few occasions, I wasn't better in more than 4 mths because of other problems: colitis, hypothyroidism, infection, were culprits.  Hang in there, eat healthy, walk, and if you don't start feeling better, get blood work and tests to make sure you don't have other problems, but it takes time.  Hope you have a quick recovery.

Sending prayers,

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I'm sorry you are so tired.
I thought I'd write a reply in complete contrast to the one above! My fatigue was gone within two weeks of surgery, and within three weeks I was back to teaching almost full time.  The difference for me could have been because of a few things.  First, although I'm very overweight, I work out regularly. So, I was very strong before surgery. And, I had acupuncture in the weeks before and after surgery.  I had chemo and kept going to acupuncture. It made a world of difference in my energy level.
Best of luck to you.
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Well, I hate to say it, but two years out I am still far more fatigued than I was pre-surgery.  You sort of adjust to the "new normal."   Sometimes I get sad because I remember the old me but the surgery (and lack of hormonal therapy) left me feeling not as good as I used to feel.  It sounds like you still have your ovaries, so things may turn around for you from six months to a year.  Don't expect too much of yourself!  You've been through a lot!

Best Wishes,

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thanks for all your input...
i am working fulltime and have a trainer I see twice a week..
however I do seem to pick up everything that everyone I come in to contact with has... I now have the flu again... Just don't seem to be able to boost my immune system.
Just went to the naturopath and she has given me some remedies and put me on a new diet so we shall see if that helps any...

I do still have pat of my left ovary.
I will keep at it!
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