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Fear of Ovarian Cancer

Hi - 38yr, diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer one year ago.  Radiation and tamoxifen only.  Before diagnosis had lower leftsided pain near ovary, at the time of diagnosis they did a pelvic ultrasound it was normal.  I now have heartburn which I never had before and I my stomach looks larger, I'm terrified they missed something...I have been on tamoxifen for 11 months and know that my symptoms are not related to tamoxifen because every doctor says no.  Also, I have not menstruated in 3 months...Can ovarian cysts cause heartburn as well, please say yes because I am terrifed to get another pelvic ultrasound fearing the worst.
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Hi, Thank you for responding to me, its just that I never thought my lump was breast cancer and now I think everything is cancer!! Thanks again, I'm due for my annual gyn next week...
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Your stress factors alone might be causing some of your problems.  Stress like  you have endured from the discovery of your cancer, the subsequent treatment, and fears over the possible return of your cancer can cause symptoms like heartburn, indigestion, and other stomach upsets.  These upsets can themselves cause the entire GI system to function poorly, which in turn cause more upsets, which themselves can cause abdominal bloating.  Added with the disrupted hormonal balance that could be a result of your cancer treatments or simply normal perimenopause, and it is no surprise that you are having such problems!

Please see your doctor.  A simple transvaginal ultrasound will reveal if you have a problem.  Given that you've had pain previously, and had a normal report, it seems more likely to me that you are merely stressed.  And, your doctor can help with that as well, by prescribing medications to help calm you through the time necessary to see if all really is well.
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I am afraid of everything physical. Every headache, pain, physical symptom.  I  was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer on July 25th 2005.  My sister who was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma seven years ago (and still cancer free) calls these fears Canceritis!  

Yes I have Canceritis when really, I have a sinus infection, cold, infected finger.  We just have to know we are a bit more sensitive as far as health issues are concerned, but we can still just have a cold, acid reflux or IBS.  We just need to get more things confirmed by a doctor than those who haven't been diagnosed with cancer.

I feel your pain as I fear everything too!  We just have to try to live normal lives. I heard someone describe having a positive attitude as not something that will save your life, just something that will allow you to enjoy your life while god lets you remain on this earth.  I am trying to live this way, however hard it may be. I think it will get better as time passes.

Take Care,
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