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My mum had OVCA stage 3 diagnosed March 2005, since then she has been suffering with anal fissures, but today she went for an appt and they have healed which is a relief as they were very painful and sore at times.

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So glad to hear that  your Mom is no longer suffering from the fissures. My doctor told me that some women are more prone to getting these since some have "thinner" skin in that area. I have not researched that information, but it makes sense. My doctor also said that hormonal changes ( in my case things worsened after the birth of my only child back in 1985) can also play a part. I had surgery in 1990 for my fissures (I had two fissures) and I will say that the relief I got was remarkable. And, the surgery was done under local although I remember none of it...until they called my name and the surgery was over. Hoping that your Mom's fissures stay healed, but wanted to share my story with you to see if I could offer any hope regarding treatment should they recur. They are quite nasty.

How is your Mom doing otherwise?

Best to you and your family,

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